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Day 10 Water Fasting

17 Mar 2013 06:51 #15767 by sviken0529
sviken0529 created the topic: Day 10 Water Fasting
Day 10 Water Fasting
Start weight 227LB
Current 214LB
Lost 13LB

this year so far taken off 27 LBs

This is my first long fast I attempted over and over again but seem to have failed. But this time the Lord is helping me.

Symptoms of detox experiencing:
-head ache, stiffness,neck back ache, old injury pain hip and knee, esophagus pain, stomach pain, tiredness, today just started to have coated tongue, ear ache, coughing up mucus

I think I am hungry and now I know my favorite foods is Navajo Tacos and nachos SMH

Fear gaining weight back, also how toxic my body is: Plan, work out and eat raw with one cheat day. Fasting regularly, hopefully another long fast.

I tried soda water, but i think it hurt my stomach, it was really good though, I have had an bleeding ulcer at 21 and do not want to have it again.

I created a heating pad out of beans, i put in a big woolly sock, microwave for 3 minutes and use on pain areas. neck, back, head ear hip knee

I was taking bullion cups hot water, to cope but informed it is not good to put stuff in if I want toxins out. But it did help me have BM which probably helped with symptoms. I believe my intestines are getting clean last, BM was dark and tarry.

I just want to be healthy and have a healthy life style to live a long life so I can help people . The Longer I live the more people I can help for generations to come.

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