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Breaking the Fast

05 Dec 2012 22:47 - 05 Dec 2012 22:50 #14120 by rawmelody
rawmelody created the topic: Breaking the Fast
Hi everyone, just wanted to share where I am at and ask for some feedback. I broke my waterfast on Day 14 with grapefruit for 2 days (and some tangerines and oranges). Then I have moved into raw foods, but pretty heavy ones with a lot of fiber, I mean... grean smoothies, raw zucchini hummus, etc.
I notice I am craving a lot of olives, olive oil, sesame seeds, and salt (in addition to my fruit).
I have been eating all-raw fruit/vegetable diet for 6 days now (so this is Day-6-post-fast)

I feel like this high-fiber food stressed my colon out. My first BM was the end of Day 15 (day 2-post-fast) and seemed like only the grapefruit and nothing else... I was expecting more cleansing after 13 days on only water :-/ But anyways, it is super painful now, like I have shredded something in there... anyone else had similar problems breaking a fast? Any recommendations?
(I mean, is eating high fiber foods a big no-no?)

I also notice my detox symptoms are continually getting worse in my skin... rashes that were tiny during thae fast are expanding to cover my stomach and the inside of my elbow. pimples popping up on my abdomen and legs... whats up with this? I thought I should be ending my detox?

Any feedback/advice is much appreciated!

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06 Dec 2012 02:22 #14125 by lovesolvesall
lovesolvesall replied the topic: Breaking the Fast
I would stick to raw fruits for a while.. Nothing else maybe some green juice and cooked veggies.. I wouldn't eat high protein things like hummus or high fat foods like olives.. Also seeds you should probably wait on.

When I break a fast I usually only eat very soft fruits.. Or drink diluted juices
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