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Do I have the electrolytes and reserves for a 2 week water fast?

22 Feb 2013 13:56 #15476 by jimmyzinn7
jimmyzinn7 created the topic: Do I have the electrolytes and reserves for a 2 week water fast?
Hello everyone

Since june 2012, I've been trying to do a full 14 day water fast. The longest I've gone was 9 days.

I've had a food addiction that I'm trying to break and I truly believe a 2 week fast is what I need.

I know a lot of this may be psychological to- I get a craving on day 6 and tell myself "o I don't have enough reserves" to justify breaking it.

I want to do it. I want to finish this fast. I've built so much hypeo it, my goal for doing so goes beyond the health benefits, its a personal quest.

SO here's a breakdown of the last 3 weeks:
I started fasting on saturday, February 9th. I made it 5 full days, 4 of which were dry. On thursday feb. 14th I broke it, and ate freely that day and friday. Saturday I felt sick, had a stomach virus and threw up a lot, including a lot of the food from the 2 days before. I did force down a gatorade, but no food. Sunday I felt better, and was eating full meals by the night. I starting fasting again monday the 18th, and broke it wesenday the 20th.
Today is friday the 22nd- if I eat this weekend, do you think I'd be prepared for a 14 day fast starting monday the 25th?

My concern is the prior days fasting and especially the stomach flu which induced lots of diahrrea and vomiting- my legs still feel a bit tingly, though I've been consuming plenty of electrolyte rich food/drink.

What do you think?

Also, what do you think about electrolyte supplements? I;ve read they only delete reserves faster, is this true?

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