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14 Day Water Fast: For Clarity and Smoking Cessation

07 Jun 2013 20:05 #16939 by Dagney
Dagney created the topic: 14 Day Water Fast: For Clarity and Smoking Cessation
Hello fasting friends,

I am starting a 14 day water fast today and I am pretty excited about it!

I did my first seven day water fast last June after stumbling across Upton Sinclair's book "The Fasting Cure". After doing a lot more research and reading more helpful resources like Shelton's "Fasting and Sun Bathing" I was intrigued and decided to give it a try.

I didn't do any pre-fasting for the first one and it was pretty rough. The first three days I had debilitating headaches and nausea and didn't move out of bed too much except to get more water and go to the bathroom. I think I was extremely toxic after a lifetime of self-inflicted abuse. By day four I was feeling more clarity and energy and it seemed to improve from there, but I stopped at day seven because I was ending a vacation and I wasn't sure how the refeeding process would go.

I did a second ten day fast in January after two bouts of bronchitis and several rounds of antibiotics totally destroyed my immune system last fall. The second one was much easier than the first. My body seemed to know the target area and my lungs went into super clean mode. The constant wheeze I'd had for months finally disappeared. I hacked up things it wouldn't be polite to describe, but better out than in!

For this fast my goal is fourteen days, but I may go longer if my body is tolerating it okay. Each one has been easier than the last and I am honing in on "best practices" for pre-fasting and the fasting itself. It is kind of exciting to learn about your body in a whole new way. =)

My goal is to achieve some clarity on personal goals (something fasting seems to put into overdrive) and quit smoking. In previous fasts I have continued smoking, but greatly reduced to about 3-5 cigarettes per day. The further I get into the fasting state, the less my body tolerates the habit so I am hoping that if I go a bit longer and really put some will into it this time I can quit completely and maintain better health permanently. It's a nasty and expensive habit that I would very much like to be free of and I have read that fasting can be very useful for smoking cessation since your body is already removing toxins from your system at an accelerated rate.

I have a month off from work this summer and I have been pre-fasting on fruits/vegetables/fish (salmon and halibut)/chicken for the last week and closely monitoring my diet. I also went to my doctor and shared my intentions with her. I was worried that she would tell me I was crazy, but she was surprisingly open-minded about it and actually seemed intrigued and excited after I shared some of my research with her. I asked about ordering bloodwork so I could compare my pre-fast and post-fast numbers and she agreed to order anything I wanted. I asked for electrolytes, liver, cholesterol, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1). She also ordered thyroid panel and a few other tests just to check. I plan to go in on my last day of fasting before refeeding to do another round of bloodwork and then do it again in a month to see how the numbers have changed.

I also want to say that this site has been a great resource for me as I have researched methods, symptoms and just general information. It is a wonderful and supportive community of people and I really appreciate all of you contributing your personal experiences and knowledge so that newbies like me can learn and refine our practices. Thanks to everyone for your help and support!

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08 Jun 2013 04:25 #16952 by Cici2013
Cici2013 replied the topic: 14 Day Water Fast: For Clarity and Smoking Cessation
Awesome! Smoking is a bad habit that I am guilty of and I love how you are making an effort to QUIT! I think fasting is the best way to quit smoking and I was actually discussing this with my boyfriend earlier today.

I am on day 2 of a water fast, for other reasons, but aren't the first few days exhausting? Ugh can't wait to get past these first few days.

I love how you had a lot of blood work and stuff done to compare after your fast. I am excited to see what you find.

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09 Jun 2013 04:18 #16991 by Dagney
Dagney replied the topic: 14 Day Water Fast: For Clarity and Smoking Cessation
After a short time fasting I really lose my taste for it. My body lets me know LOUD AND CLEAR that it's pissed about me smoking. I usually smoke Camels, but on my last fast around day 5 they started to burn my throat and taste strongly like chemicals. I switched to rolling my own American Spirits on the theory that eliminating the chemicals found in commercial cigarettes might help and that actually helped a lot - no more burning or chemical taste. I am trying the same thing again this time - both to reduce chemical load and slow my consumption by adding the rolling step.

I am finishing up day two now and I am actually having a pretty good experience this time. No fatigue, no headaches, no nausea. I prefasted really carefully for a week before I started this time and I think that has made a huge difference in reducing initial discomfort and fasting symptoms. The first time I dove straight in with no prefast and had a miserable couple of days. How many times have you fasted before?

I'm excited to get further into it and I wish you the best of luck with yours. =)

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09 Jun 2013 04:33 #16993 by Cici2013
Cici2013 replied the topic: 14 Day Water Fast: For Clarity and Smoking Cessation
I have only jumped in to a 10 day water fast once. Currently on day 3. I cough more while smoking on a fast and the smell tends to really give me a headache but I still smoke as many as I can take! Bad :)

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09 Jun 2013 04:34 #16994 by Cici2013
Cici2013 replied the topic: 14 Day Water Fast: For Clarity and Smoking Cessation
To clarify, this would be my second fast. Although I've attempted before

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