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My 14 Day Fast

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18 Oct 2007 20:05 #172 by Fasting4Joy
Fasting4Joy created the topic: My 14 Day Fast

I am an 18 year old college student embarking on a 14 day water fast! I have previously completed a 5 day water fast, so I decided that it was the right time to progress to the next level. I am hoping to (eventually) be able to take on a 30 day water fast, so I am gradually preparing my mind/body for such an endeavor. Perhaps I will venture and attempt a 30 day water fast during the month of December, if not, then during January. For now, I will focus on my 14 day water fast!

Today, Thursday October 18th, is Day 1 and all is going well. My fast will end on November 1st, and I plan on updating this thread at least once a day to journal my way through this wonderful experience.

Please feel free to post questions/comments; I would love to share this experience with others.

Take Care.

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21 Oct 2007 19:11 #178 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:My 14 Day Fast
This is an admirable endeavour and you are setting a great example.
Please bear in mind what I mentioned a few times on these forums: Detoxification consists of 2 steps:
(1) Mobilization and
(2) Elimination.
Now (1) is achieved by fasting, as soon as you start breaking down fats, toxins are released into the tissue fluid and from there via the lymph system to the blood. I like to be quite active during the fast to help this process and I find it easier to jog or work out, than when eating. Your tender age might imply that there are not that many toxins(yet) but there might still be enough to make you feel rather ill, therefore,
(2) is essential: We use a 5-step cycle of activities to make sure that the toxins, after moving into the blood, is eliminated from the body. The kidneys cannot handle fat-souluble toxins so we use mainly the skin, by performing in quick succession, a cycle consisting of
Exercise -> Massage -> Heat (Sweat) -> Cold -> Rest.
and repeat this at least 2-3 times per day. It makes you feel and function a lot better. You can do these all at home: Using any form of activity (running up stairs for example), follow this with a rub down (if you don't have a masseur handy, use a loufa or rough towel or massage machine), then a very hot shower or bath, followed by a cold shower or bath, then just lie down or go to sleep..
Please keep us posted!

All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.
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14 Apr 2011 07:42 #6613 by arirawvegan
arirawvegan replied the topic: Re: My 14 Day Fast
Hey there!
I am a 19 year old college student also embarking on a 14 day water fast.

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14 Apr 2011 09:13 #6614 by Christinascaparisons
Christinascaparisons replied the topic: Re: My 14 Day Fast
When are you starting yours? I am thinking I really need and want to start mine tomorrow. If you want to encourage one another, please message me on here.
Thank you!

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16 Apr 2011 06:41 #6625 by arirawvegan
arirawvegan replied the topic: Re: My 14 Day Fast
Hey Christina,
I am starting tomorrow. April 16th and going until April 30th. So, 14 days. I would love to encourage each other! I always need motivation. I can also text if you want!

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