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14 - 21 day Water fast started today

29 Nov 2009 15:28 #4149 by phoenix
phoenix created the topic: 14 - 21 day Water fast started today
I’m not so new to fasting. And I have done a lot of research. Yet no matter how much I do, there seems to be so many opinions that vary so, so so much. Dr. Kruger's research and advice makes the most sense to me. And it suits me as well. Forcing yourself to lay about doing nothing is just so unpleasant to someone as physically active as me. It alleviates the boredom and keeps my body pumping with blood. I feel like I am detoxing more when I exercise anyway. I never overdo it, I’m a yogini after all – the philosophy is, do not push to exert excess effort (pain/excess fatigue), be kind to the body, but challenge it.

I have a few questions.

I have fasted before and always wanted to be more active. So much lipservice is out there saying you shouldn't exercise yet shelton says if you are fat, you can exercise while fasting. I could easily do with shedding 10 kilos. And since I am very tall ( I’m a six foot female), I could get away with as many as 20 and 15 would suit me nicely. I'm active with flow strength yoga and walking and have recently returned to the pool.

I tried to start this 14-21 day fast a week ago and the foul mouth drove me up the wall one night and I ended up ending the fast on almost day 5. This was a bad move I know from a fat loss perspective, I know I was probably burning fat like a donut factory, but I had hurt my shoulder, was in a lot of pain and well, I couldn’t distinguish the nausea - was it the fast or my bad shoulder/neck? I felt better after some apple/celery juice and some honey chai tea. And the decided to give it a 2- 3 day break and start again. And here I am. Starting – AGAIN.

Anyway, in that time I received an email from this site, came on and find all this magnificent information regarding active fasting - finally an expert endorsing activity on a fast. Also dislike how my legs get so light from inactivity and walking becomes so difficult. I figure if I stay active this won’t be as much of an issue. It’s also why I decided to return to the pool, to maintain some circulation and flow in my legs. Aside from the taste in my mouth, it’s the resting around and doing nothing that drives me nuts on a fast. And I understood it, if you're not sick, which I am not, and you have fat to burn - burn it. I feel like stopping exercise is half the reason I can't last on a fast. I have done two long fasts before ( one 19 days the other 14 ) and the 14 day one was stopped short because of someone saying something to me, my mentor in yoga announcing in front of our group, 'I hope you don't mind me saying, but are you eating? Because you should not be doing the asanas if you are not'. She knew I wasn’t eating, and I felt humiliated and exposed. And well, you know how hyper sensitive one can get on a fast of that length. I only had a week to go, and it had been a tough fast because it was winter.

It sounds like something little but was pretty scarred from that. I’ve only recently forgiven her for it. I was so annoyed and upset that something so personal was scattered so inconsiderately in front of people I barely knew. It made me question everything. Not only was I embarrassed, but ultra sensitive. I had mentioned that I was detoxing and she knew I had done a water fast before. And well it really affected me. I really took a blow from that. And she was wrong. I can't believe how much the mind plays a role on these fasts.

And I know fasting has done magical wonders for my mind and spirit. I am definitely a different woman since I started fasting and I like her. I no longer desire to smoke, drink or even have coffee. Now I just want to get the physique that will make me stronger and more secure in myself. I feel like my yoga practise is being held back a lot due to my excess fat covering my body. I want to get through that. In some ways I feel like I have had this fat for so long that in some ways, sub consciously I fear its release. I fear the reaction of others. The last time I lost the weight (the first two fasts 6 and 4 months ago), reactions were so full on, they were more negative (though subtle) than positive. It was like people couldn’t accept that I had improved so dramatically. This is the perfect timing to avoid this confrontation – I will finish this fast and then return home for Christmas. Being with my family will assist me to not overeat, my mother is very supportive of my efforts. Being in their house will stop me from binging too – the kitchen is just too close to their bedroom, my mum hears pins drop.

And so, here I am again. Since I have done a couple of 3 day and a 4 day fast. I want to complete a 14 day fast starting today. If I am still feeling good I'll take it up to 21 days. I ate my last meal a few hours ago - buckwheat pancakes with butter, vegemite and buttery sweet potato & garlic soup + full fat soya milk chai tea and ice cream.

My daily regime will consist of the following:

Brisk walk ( 45 mins )



Swimming 25 Olympic laps

Sauna / Jacuzzi ( 40 - 60 mins)

Question: With active fasting, does the metabolism slow down the same as it does on a resting fast? Or does keeping active and burning more fat as fuel keep it elevated? Can you please answer me this in as much detail as possible? I am very fit, I just carry a lot of fat around my abdomen and inner thighs, fat I never had until I fasted the first time and regained quickly after the above fall down when my mentor metaphorically 'knocked the wind out of my fasting sail'. So I want to understand this. I want to do this fast, end it properly and maintain. Then continue with a 3 - 7 day fast once a month. But I think I am too frightened to do this without as much information as possible. I can't keep fasting if I fear I won't end the fasts properly. I kinda think this may be part of why i keep having false starts.

I want this to be a full water fast, I'll be drinking spring water - distilled water is not in my budget or practicality. So, if I experience the whole, disgusting mouth from ketones overload again, do you have any advice? I was not hungry. Hunger is not a problem, it's the horrible taste in my mouth. Is there anything I can gargle with that may alleviate this? Or so I just have to push through it? I don't recall this ever being so bad - but I was drinking more water than I desired on my other fasts. Maybe that's all I can do?

So, since I have all this energy, will my fat loss be more the more active I am? I am not silly, if I crash, I will rest and I don't have to work at the moment ( I freelance), but I find the exercise fantastic for my mind and it helps with the sleep. If there is the added incentive of more fat loss then all the better.

Thanks in advance Dr Krugar. You're a champ.

Ms Pheonix

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30 Nov 2009 04:17 #4150 by colleen
colleen replied the topic: Re:14 - 21 day Water fast started today

Congrats on your decision to start a fast! I too started a fast today with my husband. I haven't yet decided how many days I am going to go, but I imagine I will last longer than he will! :cheer:


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30 Nov 2009 04:21 #4151 by colleen
colleen replied the topic: Re:14 - 21 day Water fast started today
Oh, and with regard to the question regarding foul mouth, I had the same experience. Since I'm so particular about how I smell, it was the nausea, my breath and body odor that ended my 10-day fast earlier this year.

Honestly, there doesn't seem to be much that can be done about the odors. I just go running or whatever it takes to work up a really intense sweat to help facilitate the toxins from my body.

Good luck!


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30 Nov 2009 07:46 #4152 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:14 - 21 day Water fast started today
Thanks for the implicit trust Ms Phoenix.. I will try to live up to your expectations.

1. Bear in mind that "Metabolism" consists of 2 parts: Anabolism (Building up) and Catabolism (Breaking down). If you eat every day, you are continually Anabolic. During a fast you become Catabolic. Regular fasting (Once a week) ensures that Catabolism remains active "in the background" ALL the time, thus you have a much larger total Metabolism to extract energy from. It is true that the Anabolic rate comes down somewhat, but the available Catabolic rate more than makes up for that.

Do bear in mind, however, we talk of very small percentages in change in total metabolism.. your body needs a certain amount of energy just to survive and independent of your eating or fasting patterns, that energy needs to come from somewhere. Thus all we do can change the BASAL metabolism rate not more than about 5% if so much. The rest of our metabolism is there to fuel activity. Thus physical activity has a much greater influence on total metabolism rate: It can exceed the total BASAL rate several times over.

But on this point: I try to keep my own BASAL metabolism as slow as possible. Our rate of aging is, after all, directly linked to our metabolism rate. If you study animals you will note that those with slow metabolisms (tortoises for example) lives much, much longer than those with fast metabolisms (Hummingbird for example).

These points have been explained in more detail in "Health Won", an e-book available from this site.

2. Whenever you burn fat, it is turned into glycerol (Which becomes blood sugar) and KETONES. there are ways of masking ketones but if you stop them from being formed, you effectively stop the fasting process (catabolism). The problem with trying to mask the ketones is that you then introduce TASTE into your mouth, which tricks your brain into believing you are eating, thus also undermining the switch to catabolism.

A lot of the "disgusting" taste is however simply related to toxins and other waste products that have accumulated in your fat over time, and is released during the fast as the fat is dissolved. Thus the best way of getting rid of the taste is to get rid of the toxins. That is the prime function of active fasting (See the 5-step elimination cycle, and do note the sequence of events therein).

3. FOR SURE, the more active you are, the more fat you lose. Not only because your body mobilizes fat to supply your activities with energy, but also because you get rid of the toxins that would inhibit fat mobilization.. You can burn up to 3 times as much fat in an active fast than in a passive one. The exercise releases Endorphins which calms you down and help you sleep.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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30 Nov 2009 08:38 #4156 by david
david replied the topic: Re:14 - 21 day Water fast started today
Thank you for these very well formulated questions Phoenix and also for such thorough replies Dr Kruger. This thread will end up on the FAQ page.


Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

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04 Dec 2009 03:14 #4185 by phoenix
phoenix replied the topic: Re:14 - 21 day Water fast started today
Thanks Dr. What a helpful response. I purchased the e-book you wrote, "Health Won" from this website yesterday. It's fantastic.

I have now decided to do intermittent fasting. From reading the doctor's book, it seems to make more sense (from adherence point of view and to avoid crazy binging and weight gain) to do it that way. I'll attempt a longer fast for deeper detoxing when I have obtained my desired weight.


I'm going back to reading it now.

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