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A Little Bit of Overshare - and a question

08 Jul 2010 18:52 #4760 by colleen
colleen created the topic: A Little Bit of Overshare - and a question
So I've embarked an yet another fast, motivated by the prospect of leaving town in a couple of weeks to visit family I haven't seen in over two years. Of course I want to look and feel better.

I am obsessively fascinated over the whole elimination process. I think it's what keeps me interested, as I also love hearing others' experiences.

Anyhoodle, during a fast, I often wake in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. What is really notable is that the sweat from my head and neck areas is very sharp and sour smelling, unlike a good sweat after a hearty workout, or unlike the sweat from the underarms. Is there an explanation for this, or is this perhaps just my own perception? This is my fourth or fifth fast and I've had this same experience every time.

Keep posting my friends. I love reading every little morsel of info I glean from this forum.



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09 Jul 2010 03:06 #4761 by Meditating
Meditating replied the topic: Re: A Little Bit of Overshare - and a question
COLLEEN - Perhaps FAST DOCTOR can comment on whether he has observed this symptom in patients, but 2 things come to my mind.

First, when I am not fasting but just spending a day in the yard, if I sweat a good deal the sweat behind my ears seems to have a slight sour odor. Maybe bacteria forms more quickly in that skin fold or around the hairline. There is certainly more heat due to the presence of hair.

Second, it is also possible that your sense of smell is altered, perhaps more intense, while fasting. Do you have a partner that notices the same odor? It may just seem the odor is different. The first time I did a long fast (11 days I think), I didn't go to public places. When I finally went into the grocery store, the store odors made me feel like I had ingested some kind of bad medication. The odor was very intense. I believed I could smell formaldehyde off-gassing from items in the store.

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09 Jul 2010 03:51 #4762 by colleen
colleen replied the topic: Re: A Little Bit of Overshare - and a question

I have considered the very possibility, as my sense of smell is definitely keener during a fast. During a previous 10-day fast, I had to ask my husband to sleep in another room, as I could smell even the oil from his scalp (After he had scrubbed and scrubbed it!).

Also, the sour odor seems to cling to the rear collars(only)of my shirts, as well as the pillow covers while fasting. My husband has observed it as well and asked about it. However, neither the underarm areas of my shirts, nor any other clothing articles (socks, etc.) seem to be so affected, no matter how much I sweat.

Absolutely fascinating stuff!

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