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Water Fast update

19 Aug 2010 20:20 #4992 by Maurice85
Maurice85 created the topic: Water Fast update
Ok here's timeline of since i started my water fast...

Monday 9th Aug: Water fast began at 8pm
Sunday 15th Aug: Broke fast with Melon and fruit smoothie
Monday 16th Aug: Began second fast at 12pm midday
Tuesday 17th Aug: Broke fast with Melon, grapes and smoothie until Midnight where i began fasting again

So its now Thursday evening and i'm almost 48 hours into my latest 'fast'. My eczema is definitely clearing up all around my body, although i'm going through some unpleasant symptoms which i've experienced before (tightness of skin on face, dry skin etc.) The dry skin that emerging from the usual places i experience eczema is much less itchy than before though, and i'm hoping that it is old cells that are being pushed to the fore, and that new clear skin is awaiting underneath. The skin on my face certainly feels softer and i've lost a few pounds. My sinusitis has also reduced greatly.

A couple of things to note were that when i ate on the Tuesday i became very itchy soon afterwards, i think it was my body telling me that i should abstain from eating a little longer so that it could continue 'fixing' itself.

I've been trying to do the 5 step elimination cycle once a day, although i have no lofa or a particularly rough towel so i've just been massaging my skin firmly before getting into a hot bath. Hopefully this will be enough!

Would it do my body much damage to eat some carrot with a houmus dip when i decide to break this current intermittent fast? As far as i've read intermittent fasting can be as beneficial as an extended water fast so i think i'm going to continue with my own pattern, unless anyone else strongly disagree's?



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