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3 day water fast

20 Feb 2013 05:06 #15430 by burn2crash
burn2crash created the topic: 3 day water fast
Hello everyone,

Early this month I began my first 3 day water fast (the aim was 5 days but broke the fast early because of reasons explained below). I had previously performed a 1.5 day water fast and I felt great afterwards (with none rapid heart rate). But this time, on the third day, I woke up with fast heart rate and high blood pressure: 121/91 and rate of 107 (before the fast my readings were consistently ~ 114/75 with pulse of 54). I continued with the fast (for the reminder of the day) to see if the fast heart rate normalized but it did not so I broke the fast that night
I also checked my sugar levels 2 days after the fast and the reading was 105 (my levels were usually at ~95 before the fast)

I wanted to do a 3 day fast starting next month but I'm wary about running into the same high pulse/blood pressure condition, so I was wondering if this is something I should be concerned about

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