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intermittent fasting

05 Feb 2010 14:30 #4361 by phoenix
phoenix created the topic: intermittent fasting
Here I am again.

So I completed a 28 day water fast. I lost 13 kilos and have regained approximately 8 of those in 9 days. I now weigh 93 kilos on my almost 6 foot large female frame. So I've regained half of it instead of the third I was hoping. I just found it really hard to break it super slow and kind of messed up and ate some starches too soon( boiled potato, sweet potato).

I am eating raw, no starch now with some miso and seaweed, baby tomatoes, green apple. But mostly it's green juices, kale, garlic, cabbage, zucchini...

Though I have regained more than I'd hoped, I feel like it's helped a lot with my attitude toward myself and food. I've obviously detoxed a lot. It's been tough, but I did well, probably stayed on it longer than was useful for weight loss long term, but there was so much crap coming up, I wanted to be rid of it.

I now want to know how soon it will be until I can start the intermittent fasting? The kind in the Health ate program for weight loss? And how in my situation? I did try to go back to it a few days ago and put some organic butter on a bunch of figs, I fasted one day (36 hours) and I started combining green juices with hot water, and then soaking zucchini and nori roll seaweed and mushrooms in it with miso. Or just drinking the juices straight up.

Basically I am wondering how I would now return to the health won regime? How many more days? Should I just fast without a fatty meal? And then juice/raw it another five days?

Could you give me some suggestions? I just want to go back to this routine very soon. I'm worried about gaining more weight and all I really want to do is lose it and feel good about my body.

Please help.

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05 Feb 2010 15:25 #4363 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:intermittent fasting
I think the most important single goal is never to go for more than 6 days without a fast.

What you eat, in terms of weight loss, is NOT as important as how much you eat. You can gain weight on lettuce leaves if you eat enough of them. It's a balance of energy in and energy out.

Bear in mind the fatty meal before the fast is just there to guide your metabolism towards fat. it can be a very small meal indeed, it only needs to be dominated by fat. And yes, it's a very good idea to break the fast with a few days of raw.. but watch the volume!

Hope you capture the routine soon.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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05 Feb 2010 19:06 #4368 by Meditating
Meditating replied the topic: Re:intermittent fasting
I am impressed and congratulation to you. Also, thanks for letting us know about your fast. I find it encouraging to read your results. I started a new fast today with a first - motivated entirely by pure, raw pissed-off-ness. Let's see if this works as well for me as your determination did for you.

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07 Feb 2010 03:10 #4389 by phoenix
phoenix replied the topic: Re:intermittent fasting
Yeah, I'm no longer convinced at all about the fasts longer than 7 days for long term fat loss; it's much more difficult to keep the fat off when you return to refeeding. Except for a few kilos, I've basically regained everything I lost - except a lot of toxins. I know I didn't regain all of those because I have been eating whole foods, but it would seem too much, too soon.

It doestakes a while to work out how to break the fasts. Even though it's all healthy, I keep overeating, things like seaweed, miso and there was some dark chocolate - i won't lie. And I know I am just retaining water when I over eat sea weed and miso, but still, water retention feels and looks worse than fat when its in the face for example. The overeating part is a lot more psychological than anything. so there is a little trial and error.

I know the 1-4 day active fasts will work better for long term adherence in your day to day life. It's for this reason i'm not getting too upset about the regain - the extended fasts are too much of a disruption - it's not just the fasting, it's the re-feeding and all the pressure and emotion attached to that slow refeed (from both myself and those around, everyone wants me to rejoin them in the party that is life). Extended fasts really are a huge interruption to one's life. The first two weeks I could exercise but after that it was near impossible. And that in turn makes it difficult to get back into a routine of exercise again after the fast - I felt too week at the end and also at the start of the re-feed. I'm now convinced that extended water fasts are no good to deal with overweight. Better for illnesses. I'm glad I did it for other reasons, such as cleansing my system og=f many a toxin, but for permanent fat loss, no good. I will stick to trying to get this "health ate" to work for me.

To begin with I'm going to stick to a strict regime of 3-4 day active fasts for the next month, breaking slowly and carefully. I'm going to write down what I am going to have when I break it, so that I cannot overeat anything.

Today starts (I'm about 14 hours in) my 3-4 day active fast. I've got a quality rebounder and CD to work out to. So I'm bouncing on that for 30 mins every other hour inbetween work. I'm aiming for at least 3 hours in total of exercise each day - that ought to do it. 2 classes down.

This time I am capturing the routine. I am!
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07 Feb 2010 03:57 #4390 by Meditating
Meditating replied the topic: Re:intermittent fasting
PHOENIX - I have had the same experience. I have a psychological addiction to food but I eat organic, unprocessed, mostly raw foods. It doesn't matter, you can overeat with them too. As a result of repeated 2-4 day fasts, I have successfully reduced my knee-jerk reaction to seek out food as comfort. I did a 10 and another 13 day fast and I went nuts when I began refeeding. Those were my first 2 fasts, so hopefully now I would do better.

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