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IF: fasting (3+ days) with alternating 4 hr. eat cycles?

23 Jan 2011 01:07 #5717 by carolineq
carolineq created the topic: IF: fasting (3+ days) with alternating 4 hr. eat cycles?
Most of you wise men and women will inform me about coming off of the fast and how I need to eat fruit. This is a rule my body has never punished me for breaking. I usually break my fast with protein and salt. It's what I crave most.

I am embarking on a new fast approach and removing exercise from my thinking for the I was once a exercise dieter... exercise to burn off the last overeating spell. Probably a mild eating disorder you might say or just good practice since I've never really been that overweight or obeste due to my obsession with keeping within a certain set of weight boundaries. Yes, I kmow weight is not the only measure of health... nonetheless, it's a darn good metric.

Anyway, I was in the purple zone this morning of ketosis, spilling large amounts of ketones into the urine, and I probably just easily broke my fast with 3000 kcals.. never the smartest thing to do...nonetheless, it's the way I seem to naturally come off of a fast..

fasting felt as natural and easy for me this time as it did the first time I did it. I am going to continue it... this was a very pleasant experience so I'M hoping the transition back into ketosis over the next 36 hOUrS is a success, as I try to refrain from any further eating.

Love ya'll!

Caroline from North Carolina

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