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getting started

05 Jul 2007 20:08 #126 by sarahboober
sarahboober created the topic: getting started
I'v been battling myself with a 30 day juice fast. I can't seem to get past day 2 or 3.. I'm so discouraged and wish so much to finish a 30 day fast. Is it difficult for everyone else to, or is it just me? I cannot tell you how many times I've set out to do a 30 day fast only to fail... I need and want it so much. Please share your thoughts, comments, and advice.... Kathleen

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09 Jul 2007 21:41 #127 by david
david replied the topic: Re:getting started
Hello Kathleen,

I have read your post several times because I find it quite poignant! Why? because there are many people who like yourself have a strong desire to carry out long water fasts or juice fasts and can't seem to get passed the first few days. So really this is quite a big issue.

In my experience it is the first few days of the fast that are the most taxing. I find that after the fourth day the sensation of hunger has gone, and one can get on with one's daily living with considerably less temptation to break the fast.

In my case I find that temptation is always present but after the fourth day it manifests in different ways. Namely the pressures from family members or friends or acquaintances who feel that if we don't eat we will die etc.

The list is endless. Furthermore there are the psychological pressures from within either triggered by one's emotions or more intense moments of detoxification where the body is dumping toxins.

Either way no one ever said that fasting was an easy thing to do! And I guess that many of the fasting retreat centres listed on this site came into existence out of necessity.

I really empathise with you Kathleen because I know how difficult it is to start a fast as I have had numerous abortive attempts myself, even if strictly speaking my juice fasting is not considered true fasting by many fasting experts. However the addiction to food is still the same.

My suggestion to you is that your desire to experience a long fast will not just suddenly go away, if anything it will get even stronger. You may find it beneficial to book yourself on one of the retreats listed on the site or to hook up with other fasting practitioners in your city. By networking with like minded people you create a stronger bond with your aims and desires and it really helps to have friends who understand what it is you are hoping to achieve. You may even find someone who can fast with you.

There is another London based Fasting Connection member who also experiences similar difficulties to yourself who managed to hook up with a few other people and they organised a weeks water fast retreat in France between themselves. The outcome was great!

The possibilities are endless and please don't give up, the experience of a 30 day juice fast is tremendous and quite transformative in more ways than one.

Hope some of this helps.

I would like to add a final word thanking Dr Kruger for his presence on this site as we are indeed fortunate to have someone of his caliber moderating the Forum and giving freely of his precious time.

Stay positive you can achieve your aims.


Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

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10 Jul 2007 04:30 #129 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:getting started
Thanks for the flattery David. I fully agree with your remarks.

Do bear in mind that any TASTE you expose yourself to during a fast, tends to activate the hunger centres in the Hypothalamus. This is one of the reasons many of us consider \"fruit fast\" or \"juice fast\" a contradiction of terms. It remains, however, an excellent follow up on a fast: After a few days on water (or air, as some of us do.. not recommended for the novice!), fruit or juice acquires a much more potent taste and physiological impact, making it easier to stay on it for a few weeks.

But you are also right concerning the support.. most people are very much social \"animals\" and needs supportive nurturing. Since a lot of early life nurturing revolves around nutrition, most people develop conditioned reflexes calling for food whenever they need sympathy, empathy or other close emotional contact. Having someone joining you on your endeavour really helps.

Some reactive personalities on the other hand actually don't want to be one of the crowd.. and enjoy being unique. Many years ago when I started fasting, I would prepare 3 to 5 course meals for other people on the fasting days then join them to serve and watch, while refraining from tasting the food myself.. kind of \"getting fit in self control\". But this is not for everyone.

Wishing you all the strength you need!


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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11 Jul 2007 14:10 #130 by sarahboober
sarahboober replied the topic: Re:getting started
Thank you for your words of wisdom and knowledge! Today is day one for me and I know I can do it.... I will keep you posted....
thanks again, kathleen

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  • esmereldagrubb
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21 Nov 2007 01:24 #264 by esmereldagrubb
esmereldagrubb replied the topic: Re:getting started
I share your frustration but i can't even make it past DAY ONE! I want to do this so bad but food is just such a comfort and something i look forward too everyday. It is a stress relieving activity and motivates me to get through work.....
But my depression is worse than ever and my body is so uncomfortable with all this extra weight. I just dont know how i can work through this....i am truly addicted to food , the act of eating....ect.

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21 Nov 2007 20:54 #273 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:getting started
Beautiful description of addiction. You may need to do your first fast in a place where you can be supported. There are however a few more tricks:

1. Keep reminding yourself that you can eat only a certain volume of food in your life. It's as if there's an \"allowance\" predetermined by your genes etc. Each morsel you put in your mouth comes off your allowance. You age as fast as you \"eat through\" this allowance. Consider saving some for later.

2. Repeated cycles of detoxification dulls the hunger perception. To recap: Exercise-> Massage -> Heat -> Cold -> Rest.

3. Sips of carbonated water (preferably mineral or distilled water with pure CO2 added) \"stretches\" your stomach as the CO2 evaporates. This gives a sensation of satiety.

4. Do consider hypnosis if you can find a good and ethical practitioner, preferably someone also qualified in psychology.

5. Put the foods you would have eaten aside, reminding yourself that it's OK to have them after the fast.

6. Consider going for a few days' hike in a nature area where there's no advertisements or other \"traps\".

7. Believe in yourself.

8. Know that it's OK to fail a few times. We all do.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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05 Jun 2008 15:40 #797 by snowangel
snowangel replied the topic: Re:getting started

I have been on a juice/water fast for 4 days now. Going for 30. My last fast was a few years ago and my hunger went away within a few days. With this fast, so far, my stomach is growling almost constantly with bad hunger pains. It is making it really hard to continue. I have seen conflicting testimonies about when or if hunger disappears on a juice fast. I was thinking I might just switch to only water but I am not sure what to really expect. I need energy all day long but the hunger is getting to much for me. Is it possible that I may be doing something wrong with the juicing this time? There is a lot of froth on top of the juice, I try to strain it but it takes a long time. Is the froth normal or do I need a new juicer? Any suggestions would be great.

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17 Jun 2008 19:14 #844 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:getting started

Do remember that juice is not really different from solid fruits: Once it reaches the stomach it is practically the same thing. Your body tries to come out with the energy you gave it, which could \"withdraw the attention\" from the fat. Even flavoured water gives the message to the brain: \"I am eating\" so the fats tends to be left where they are.

On a real fast (that is, NO TASTE), the brain gets a much clearer message, and swiches over to the fat much sooner and more effectively. That is why the hunger disappears much more reliably on a real fast than on a juice diet.

Try it.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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18 Jan 2012 01:55 #9683 by BlogTheGamer
BlogTheGamer replied the topic: Re:getting started
Talk about digging up an old thread :)

I tried a water fast and lasted 5 days before I had to stop because the headaches were too intense.

Now I am trying a juice fast, I am on day 7, no headaches, but I am still very hungry.

Any suggestions?

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21 Jan 2012 08:00 #9705 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Re:getting started
Could the headache have been from caffeine withdrawal? I had a water fast that I had headaches 3-5 days, then they went away. I've never been successful on a juice fast. What kind of juice are you using? You don't get into ketosis on a juice fast so you won't burn fat as quickly. You can lose weight if you take in less calories than you burn, though. You will also give your digestive system a break and will probably feel energetic because there is very little digestion happening.

I shouldn't say I've never been successful on a juice fast. My first experience "fasting" was for about a week where I drank bottled juice for breakfast and lunch and had one serving of dinner every day. Since it was the first time I ever restricted calories for myself, I lost like 10 lbs in the week. It planted a seed for future fasts for me.

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24 Jan 2012 01:58 #9710 by gsonik65
gsonik65 replied the topic: Re: getting started
I’ve never tried juice fasting because in truth it’s a juice diet and not a fast.
Headaches, cramps, hunger etc. are big part of fasting, but they normally go away in a week or so.
For me it’s all boils down to preparation before and mind over matter during the fast. I prepare for cleansing and proving ones again that my mind is stronger than any desires of the body.
I never set how many days I’m to fast or how much weight to lose. For me it’s just setting yourself up for a failure. I keep journal which reminds me every morning how much effort has been put in and helps me to keep it going.
Just believe in yourself, in the power of our mind to heal our body and let it do what it programmed to do by evolution. There is no need to worry about what to expect.

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