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08 Nov 2007 11:42 #225 by serenni
serenni created the topic: weight loss
Hello! I'm Italian so sorry for any mistakes i'll make in this post!

I'm about to begin a 21 days water fast, having already performed a 14 days one, that has helped me a lot with some persisting and painfull stomach problems!

The main reason why i want to fast again for 3 weeks is to lose the pounds (almost 10 kilos...20 pounds more or less) i've put on because of inactivity and the medicins i was forced to take during my illness.I have a question. How many pound am i going to drop through a fast of such lenght? I have quite a slow metabolism despite i used to be an athlete!

Thanks to anyone who will answer me!

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08 Nov 2007 11:54 #226 by Andrew
Andrew replied the topic: Re:weight loss
Hi serenni and welcome to Fasting Connection. Most books I've read and personal accounts suggest you will lose about a pound a day on average. Probably a lot more in the first week or so then rounding out to that amount. You may gain some of that back when you start refeeding but if you break your fast correctly the regain of weight should be minimal. Also the fast should rebalance your body so there is a good chance you will regain the metabolism you are used to and your athletic vigour.

Well done for completing your 14 day fast, that is a great effort in itself. :)

I hope you gain all the benefits you are after and more in this fast.

Take care,


\\"Truth is often painful, but ignorance is never bliss.\\"

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17 Jun 2008 19:09 #843 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:weight loss

I have seen people losing more than a kilogram per day on a fast, and I have seen people gain weight on a short fast. There is absolutely no \"rule\". The fact is, however, you DO lose FAT. If this is partly converted to muscle, you may gain weight (muscle is, per calorie, a lot heavier than fat) but if you check your centimeters (measurements) rather than your kilograms (weight) you'll notice the difference.

Most I have seen a woman lose is 8.5 kilograms in a week. Usually it is between 2 and 2.5 kilograms. Men easily lose a kilogram per day but I agree with Andrew's remarks: Women should not bargain on more than about 400 grams per day. After all, your entire metabolism can be driven by the energy in about 250 grams of fat, and that leaves some for exercise.

Please don't focus on the scale, which after all only measures the pull of gravity on the atoms of your body. Your look and feel should be so much more important.

As we typically regain about a litre of water after breaking a fast, do \"budget\" to gain 1 kilogram or more.. this is normal.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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