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Muscle or Fat loss?

01 Jun 2012 17:37 #10998 by tk1
tk1 created the topic: Muscle or Fat loss?
Hi there,

Firstly let me thank you people for providing such a resourceful site!

I'm writing from Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. I'm on day 7 of what I'm hoping to be a 40 day juice fast. I'm a little overweight and have patches of psoriasis on my elbows and legs, so I'm doing this to clear up my skin and lose a bit of weight. It's only been a week and my skin is looking a lot better! The inflammation has subsided and the redness almost gone. I've also lost about 4kg, but I'm concerned that I might be losing muscle mass after reading the "Muscle vs Fat loss" thread in the 40 Day Water Fast section. I read that you have to kick start your body into fat burning mode. Does the same apply for juice fasting? I have to confess I never was the "active" type and since I began the fast there have been days where I've been inclined to shun any kind of demanding physical activity. Do you think the weight loss has been muscle or fat? And what is your advice from now on into the fast?

Much thanks,

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02 Jun 2012 13:12 #11003 by tk1
tk1 replied the topic: Re: Muscle or Fat loss?
Anyone? :whistle:

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