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hunger and weight loss

25 Aug 2008 03:30 #1191 by hooraytoday
hooraytoday created the topic: hunger and weight loss
I read several times on here that anything with taste can make you hungry. Last week I did a 3 day juice \"fast\", drinking about 5 cups of juice a day, and lots of water and decaf green tea. It was great! Oddly enough, I wasn't very hungry at all and I am quite active. I walk about 7 miles a day, with a high incline on my treadmill. I didn't lose any weight the first two days, but 3 pounds on the third.

For the next few days I continued with the juice, but ate one small meal of fresh fruits, veggies, and some nuts. I still wasn't very hungry, and I didn't lose any more weight even though I was eating under 1000 calories and burning more than than during my workouts.

Does a lack of hunger mean you are not losing weight? Am I doing something wrong?

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25 Aug 2008 12:08 #1193 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:hunger and weight loss
Lack of hunger does not mean that you aren't losing weight. The best way of checking is weighing yourself.

One can lose weight during a diet. This is after all the way most people do it. Provided that you are active you will likely not lose muscle tissue during a diet like you describe either.

The first function of fasting is not weight loss. On the contrary, I have seen people (eg. anorexics) gain weight through fasting. Fasting is a powerful tool to mobilize toxins from the body for elimination.

About taste: In my definition this is how we should describe a fast versus a diet. There's nothing wrong with a diet, we should just not call it a fast. For example, you have had fruit juice. From your stomach's perspective, you are on a fruit diet. Only difference is that the chewing was done by a machine instead of the teeth. Many people are fruitarians. This does not mean that they are fasting forever!

Being exposed to taste does not negate the benefits of a diet. But having a fast instead, is just a little bit more efficient on several levels.

Have a great time.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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