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New to water fast ...

21 Jun 2012 21:20 #11183 by Domino
Domino created the topic: New to water fast ...
hi there

i'm so excited to start my new water fast to loss weight .. and i have couple of questions to ask you guys.. which day the weight starting to melt a way :) ? and Is it possible to do running and long walking while fasting ??
what things i have to be prepare for while fasting ?

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21 Jun 2012 23:03 #11186 by david
david replied the topic: Re: New to water fast ...
Hi Domino, I would recommend you start by reading some of the articles on fasting on the Article tab/fasting for beginners those will answer most of your questions. Also be prepared for highs and lows during the fat burning process as many toxins can be stored within the layers of fat and these are released as the body uses its fat supplies for energy. Good luck with it

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