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JJ Rockin' The 7 Day Fast

06 May 2011 00:27 - 06 May 2011 00:28 #6768 by JJ*
JJ* created the topic: JJ Rockin' The 7 Day Fast
Well it's been a little over 18h30m since I started this water fasting and so far, so good.

It's funny how my stomach hasn't grumbled yet... Mmm... I'm not even that hungry to be honest. I thought once or twice about that grilled chicken on the kitchen, sure, but I feel like it's more of a craving than hunger.

I usually don't drink much (I know, I know....) so today I'm actually forcing down the water. It's not nice to have to drink it without being thirsty but well... I've been good today.

Why fasting?

Well I have a little extra weight to lose. I'm 6'8" and 151 pounds. I know the BMI is healthy because it falls under the 16.6 category, but I don't feel exactly good with my body right now so... I'm starting a fast to help me detox and lose a few pounds so that I can re-educate myself and basically start over with a healthier lifestyle. 
I know I'm saying this will be a 7 day fasting, but really... I'm just aiming for healthy and I'll mainly listen to my body. If I can go more days, I will. If I have to stop or switch to juice fast I will. I know right now I feel great, but I know the detox signs are bound to start soon and they won't be fun... 

Bad thing: I have a birthday dinner on Saturday and It's going to be a challenge... my friends don't know I'm fasting so it will be very nice to convince them I'm just not hungry to eat. LOL

New Post tomorrow :)

My mood: extremely motivated

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06 May 2011 12:27 #6770 by cory
cory replied the topic: Re: JJ Rockin' The 7 Day Fast
Hi welcome to the forums I am quite surprised you actually want to lose weight as your already classified as underweight anything below a bmi of 18.5 is.

I wouldn't force water if you don't feel like drinking, less water you drink during your fast the quicker you detox some can even go a full week without drinking and still be fine, depending on the amount of fat you have that is. Also seven days is a long first fast so the detox signs might get quite bad by the end of it so don't worry too much about completing it you can always try again.

I guess that already quite lean otherwise I might even suggest you try doing some resistance training to get your lean body mass up a touch. You might even look more healthier and attractive this way, and higher your lean mass is the faster you can burn fat if you have any.

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06 May 2011 16:57 - 06 May 2011 17:04 #6773 by JJ*
JJ* replied the topic: Re: JJ Rockin' The 7 Day Fast
Oh my... I meant 22.6 (BMI)
I don't even know where the 16 came from.. ahah.
Can you even have a BMI of 16.6 with 151 pounds and 6'8"?

Moving on...
Thank you so much for your reply! I'm exercising and I'm drinking plenty of water. I know you said I'll detox quicker if I drink less, but I'd rather take a bit longer than have all the symptoms all at once on my first fast. I'll probably go for a longer fast (I hear it's better to detox?) some other time when I don't have to worry about going to college and can rest during the worst time of the process.

Day 2

It's been 35 hours since I started and I'm not feeling too bad.
My stomach is complaining a bit, but it's not like I feel the mental need to eat. I know I want to. Yes, I'm hungry, but it's been very easy to ignore so far.
I'm having a bit of a headache, but even that is not too bad.
I don't feel light headed or anything, I have less energy and I'm feeling a bit down today but, again, I can easily push through it.

My mood: Motivated =)

Ooh... and my weight was on 149 pounds just a while ago.

The birthday dinner tomorrow is still going to be a challenge. Oh well...

Thanks Cory for replying.

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06 May 2011 17:27 #6774 by cory
cory replied the topic: Re: JJ Rockin' The 7 Day Fast
Is your height wrong then not 6 feet 8 inches? as that gives a bmi of 16.6 with 151 pounds if you were 5 feet 8.5 inches then you would have a bmi of 22.6.

Good to hear your doing well light-headed is quite common in a fast and the hunger should die down in the next day or two. The next side effect you might experience is nausea and vomiting but probable not for a least a few more days just a warning of what to expect.

Pressure from other people is generally the hardest thing to get through and if you tell them some people just regard it as starving yourself which it is not. Not many people are educated in fasting just be strong glad your still feeling motivated even with a birthday meal coming up.

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