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first ever 7 day water fast

01 Aug 2011 21:39 #8732 by Reach
Reach created the topic: first ever 7 day water fast
Previously I have done a few 1 day water and tea fasts in the past however I am really desperate to do a whole week fast just to see how a humans body reacts and also to see if I can lose some weight. About five days ago I have planned to do a 14 day fast however I was not very successful, the first day went fine I didn't feel hungry at all but the second day was horrible I really deid not want to eat and spoil it but I just couldn't cope with the hunger and went to the fridge and grabbed a yogurt, afterwards I felt really bad about myself knowing that I would have to start again so I planned to start the next day and eat normally for that day the next day however I messed up again, and again but I am up to the challenge now, and also by writing down how I feel and how Im coping should help me loads. I wanted to ask anyone who had done a seven day fast if I should exercise normally during the whole fast or should I rest for the first three days and then start exercising as my body starts burning fat for energy. I really want to fit in some exercise as Im going on holiday in 7 days and I wouldnt mind losing a few pounds. (the more the better)

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02 Aug 2011 08:28 #8749 by cory
cory replied the topic: Re: first ever 7 day water fast
My first every week fast I did after I done a couple of 36 hour fasts, I had lot of negative side effects including vomiting but the 5th day fasting is always harder when you first start.

If your exercising as well personally I always try to exercise during fasting, you might have to tone it down a bit if your new to fasting maybe do some yoga or something on some of the days but I have no idea what kind of exercises you do I personally like hit exercises.

Don't worry that much about failing you have to get used to fasting just a day or two a week has it's benefits and each time you do it it should get easier until you can achieve your goal.

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02 Aug 2011 23:42 #8760 by Esmée La Fleur
Esmée La Fleur replied the topic: Re: first ever 7 day water fast
The first three days of a fast are always the hardest, as that is how long it takes to get into ketosis and burn your own fat reserves for fuel.

It is important not to consume anything except pure water during a water fast. Do not drink any tea, as it will trick you body into thinking it is still getting food and make you hungrier.

Feel free to blog about your fast in our BLOG section, where you can receive the support and encouragement you need.

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14 Nov 2011 23:25 #9384 by String
String replied the topic: Re: first ever 7 day water fast
Yes, I think the desire for food goes much better if you only drink water. Also if you know this weakness about yourself then prepare for it by getting rid of all your food before you begin your fast. The first time I did a 7 day fast was about 5 years ago and I felt hungry but not as much in my body as in my mind, I was having dreams about food, but I was juicing and I think that makes it worse, especially if you don't get all the pulp and fiber out of the juice.

Also if you are going to screw up on your fast don't eat yogurt! The probiotics are about the only thing good for in yogurt. Dairy products, or more specifically, the protein in dairy products called Casein, has been shown in many, many studies to cause cancer, heart disease and diabetes. If you are going to screw up at least do it with an orange or a piece of melon, not an animal product.

I just want to quote for you from a book called: "Fasting and Eating for Health"

Almost no one in America knows the meaning of the word hunger. In this country we mistakenly call the withdrawal symptoms from our rich diets "hunger." Stomach cramping is not hunger; a headache is not hunger. When truly healthy individuals who have been on natural, plant-based diets and who have avoided the typical disease-causing American diet, fast, they do not experience cramping in the stomach or any other abdominal symptoms. Nor do they experience headaches when they skip a few meals. True hunger is solely a mouth and throat sensation and it is felt in the same area as thirst. No discomfort accompanies it. In fact, it makes food more enjoyable to eat when we are truly hungry.

Unfortunately, almost all Americans are so overfed and actually subclinically ill from the typical modern diet that they have never experienced true hunger in their life and probably never will. The reason people mistake withdrawal symptoms such as abdominal cramping and headaches, for hunger is that they experience these symptoms long before the sensation of true hunger appears. Many individuals who fast report, after eating again, that they finally understand the feeling of real hunger. They report it is great to now know when there is a real physiological need for food and to be able to listen to their bodies.

In any case, all these symptoms related to the first few days of fasting, whether you call them hunger or not, will not trouble you during the fast. They fade away as the body produces more ketones early in the fast, as you begin to enter this metabolic phase unique to fasting.

Please don't make the mistake of grouping any unusual practice that is "something like" fasting on pure water to the real thing. For instance, protein-sparing modified fasts are very dangerous. Fasting while taking diuretics and caffeinated beverages is also dangerous. Don't confuse a dangerous, improperly conducted fast with one that is correctly monitored and properly concluded after a safe period of time.

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