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Berry Juice: The Elixir of Life

04 May 2009 18:48 #3529 by kimberly183
kimberly183 created the topic: Berry Juice: The Elixir of Life
Found this interesting article on berries, berry juice, and aging. I know it's not scientific, but I found it a little mind-opening! And it also hearkens back to the circularity of life.

Enjoy ~


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05 May 2009 00:34 #3535 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:Berry Juice: The Elixir of Life
Good article, I agree with most of it. Of course not with

"Berry juices eat up cholesterol, fungi, and E. coli bacteria and spit them out."

but then I do appreciate it was a figurative speech.

Berries are well known for their health advangates. Of course the best is to eat the whole berry, not allow some factory to process it and then let it stand oxidizing on the shelf of a supermarket for months before you drink it.. but of course the ideal is not always achieved in the "real world". Then berry juice is a good second best. On your eating days, that is.


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