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Fasting and Bipolar Disorder

20 Aug 2008 20:48 #1184 by Daisygirl
Daisygirl created the topic: Fasting and Bipolar Disorder
Hello everyone,

I was wondering what your thoughts are on water-fasting for an individual with bipolar II. Would this be an effective treatment for it? If so, should the fasts be short and often or long and spread out? I would appreciate any suggestions or comments. Thanks.

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22 Aug 2008 20:18 #1185 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Fasting and Bipolar Disorder
I have always been scared of fasting in bipolar disease because there is the risk of precipitating a manic phase. Many stimulant neurotransmitters are released during fasting and this could theoretically push one over the edge.

In the past 15 years I have had 3 patients becoming manic during a fast.

However, on the fasting forum in St Petersburg (under the auspices of the Medical faculty) the concensus is that these patients must have been manic or progressing towards mania before starting the fast, as they have never recorded any medical condition not benefiting from a fast.

I would advise caution, have someone knowledgeable around and be ready to abort if the signs develop. I would also NOT stop medication at the start of a fast if it was necessary up to that point.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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22 Aug 2008 21:09 #1188 by Daisygirl
Daisygirl replied the topic: Fasting and Bipolar Disorder
Thank you so much for your input!

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  • dj siva
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07 Feb 2012 19:01 #9850 by dj siva
dj siva replied the topic: Fasting and Bipolar Disorder
Hi, I have bipolar disorder and have found alternate day fasting to essentially be a "cure" for me. It has made me better than normal.

What I do is I eat once (a large, balanced vegetarian meal) every 48 hours.

The root cause of bipolar disorder as well as depression and mood swings are due to imbalances in brain glucose metabolism. Read about Dr. George Watson and how he made normal people schizophrenic just by altering their food.

Alternate day fasting cures these imbalances. Also, the brain gets strengthened during the fasting period. And the feasting period replenishes the neurotransmitters.

Anyways, they cured 7,000 patients of Schizophrenia in Russia by making them fast for 25 days.

Feasting and fasting is the cure for most ills, in my opinion, along with daily hot water enemas with wheatgrass powder.

My deep depression for the past 6 months has lifted and I feel great.

My mental acuity has returned and I am going to go back to medical school and finish my degree and practice Orthomolecular Medicine to help other people.

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08 Feb 2012 20:21 #9874 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Fasting and Bipolar Disorder
That is really interesting, DJ. Does it take a lot of discipline to eat like this? My sister is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She has also gained a lot of weight and doesn't watch what she eats at all. I wonder if she would be open to it or not? Last time I saw her, I was on day 8 of a water fast and I think she thought I was looney. I think it's difficult, too, if you have a family to feed as well as fasting yourself.

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  • dj siva
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09 Feb 2012 10:17 #9898 by dj siva
dj siva replied the topic: Fasting and Bipolar Disorder
Hi Lisa. Thank you for comment/question. After reading about the 7,000 Schizophrenics who were cured in Russia by water fasting for 25 days (search on Google "Fasting and Schizophrenia"), it took only one day for me to decide to start fasting with my father. This started on January 15th.

By the time we entered the sixth day of the fasting, I came across an esoteric literature that recommended eating at 48 hour intervals to live up to 280 years. So we broke the fast with fruits at the end of six days and transited into feast and fast mode on January 21st. Since then, I am in that mode.

About a week back, we started daily enemas as well. Most of the allopathic doctors are against it, while most of the naturopaths are for it. There were testimonials by people who practiced daily enemas for 20 years.

Both my father, who is 69, and myself, 29, are feeling great. We are confident that fasting and feasting, meditation, and enemas will continue as our lifestyle.

The feasting allows us to eat at home or restaurants or at parties.

It does take some discipline to eat like this as with any lifestyle change. But I am determined to find a solution for bipolar disorder as well as depression/mania in general.

After the fasting, I cut my medication in half and it is working well for me. I did this because the blood concentration of any medication rises during fasting.

The truth is that fasting cures just about anything ranging from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, depression, and even bipolar depression and mania.

In Russia, they controlled manic episodes by making the patients fast for 5 days. This was mentioned by Alan Cott, M.D.

Feasting is like an induced mania, and fasting is like an induced depression. So our brain gets stronger (increased nerve cell production via BDNF--brain derived neurotrophic factor) when we do this cycle over and over. Like I said before, there is a strong connection between brain blood glucose metabolism and bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

I have found a reason for living again, even though I was severely depressed for the past 6 months.

And this reason for living is simple. It is just to eat and eat well. Sometimes the most complicated disorder has the simplest solution, which is feasting and fasting. It is a bipolar solution for a bipolar disorder!

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  • dj siva
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09 Feb 2012 20:29 #9903 by dj siva
dj siva replied the topic: Fasting and Bipolar Disorder
I wanted to add some more about the fear of fasting and the potential for a so-called "manic episode".

Basically, fasting itself produces feelings of euphoria and this is virtually no different than the mania experienced by a bipolar (can't eat and can't sleep).

My belief, and I just made the connection to this today, is that mania is the positive side effect of fasting.

In other words, instead of discouraging bipolars not to fast, it is essential for bipolars to fast. It is like telling a person not to exercise after getting shortness of breath after running for the first time. The answer is to tell them to exercise, but gradually build up their endurance.

However, they should fast very carefully, such as alternate day fasting.

The truth is that mania is actually health re-entering into the body.

Mania is indeed the true goal of fasting. Mania and not delusion. Delusion can happen very quickly after mania if one is not careful. That is why it is imperative to fast carefully and to practice fasting on a regular basis. If you do an extended fast, it is probably best under medical supervision like they did in Russia where they fasted 7,000 Schizophrenics and cured them with 25 days of fasting followed by a vegetarian diet afterwards.

In fasting as well as in bipolar mania, what is really happening is that the subconscious mind and subconscious energy blocks in the body are rapidly getting cleared up. It is not simply a physical process of cellular detoxification. It is also metaphysical and "meta-cellular"! In new age terms, this means that cosmic energy is now flowing through the body and all the 7 chakras in the body are getting deep cleaning and re-integrating the base chakra with the crown chakra.

This is why the tell-tale sign of mania is hyper-sexual thoughts, because the base chakra is getting pounded by instant awakening. This is actually a good thing. Did you know that fasting cured people as well as animals of impotence and infertility? This is why.

So rapid detoxification and mania is what really is expected to happen while fasting.

So I would caution bipolars and educate them to fast regularly and get used to it gradually instead of doing long fasts all at once on their own.

The truth is that bipolar is a spiritual problem and not a mental problem. It simply means that the blocks in the chakras in the body are rapidly getting detoxified. When this happens too fast one has a "manic episode".

The solution, therefore, is not to numb them on harsh medicines for life, but rather treat them acutely when necessary and quickly bring them back to health through regular fasting and change in diet.

Truly there is no difference between mania and spiritual enlightenment. The only difference is that spiritual enlightenment is grounded and not delusional because one has carefully practiced the meditation gradually over a long period of time.

Even Buddha experienced enlightenment once he started eating after doing a long period of fasting. This is commonly interpreted to mean that fasting is counterproductive for enlightenment. However, this is not the case. What it means is that Buddha's rigorous fasting cleansed all of his chakras and the cosmic energy was allowed to freely flow through his body. Then he ate and quickly thereafter experienced enlightenment. So the fasting was the real reason for his enlightenment. Had he not fasted, he probably would not have experienced enlightenment so soon.

Anyways bipolar disorder is different for different people, but for me it was a spiritual awakening.

I even heard a voice in a foreign language tell me 4 times that "your real name is Sri Aurobindo". This was before I even read anything by him.

Anyways, I have written a lot here but I think alternate day fasting can heal this planet and help us all become more manic and unleash our inner creativity without slipping into delusions.

I want to finally add that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was considered insane and he tried to kill himself with a sword asking the Divine Mother (Goddess) to reveal herself to him. And now he is considered one of the greatest saints in history.

Embrace your inner mania through regular fasting and open up the subtle energy centers. Feasting and Fasting is the real yoga and the cure for a bipolar.

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09 Feb 2012 21:22 #9904 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Fasting and Bipolar Disorder
wow, DJ, what a wealth of information. Have you considered writing a book? Seroiusly, there is a lot of information and if you are able to control your bipolar disorder, you certainly have the relevance to write a book. Very interesting about the chakras and the mania experience. I've often wondered if I would have some type of mental illness since there is so much in my family. I know I am obsessive about things and that I have the tendency of alcoholism that I channel into running and being obsessive about every tiny pound of weight I have on my small frame. I'm going to reread your posts and see what I can distill and give my sister in information to see what she can find helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this. I can feel your enthusiasm and I can tell you have done a lot of research.

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