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Water fasting for 20-30

10 Oct 2012 17:03 #13121 by Clara
Clara created the topic: Water fasting for 20-30
I failed at my two attempts for water fasting. I have to believe in myself and push through. I will kick start water fasting again today at 20:00pm.

I will aim for 20 days. I want and need the cleanse. I want to be happy but most of I want a clean slate. I have been told I have bulimia nervosa and know that WHEN I achieve this I will beat this eating disorder. Is this possible?

Is this a realistic goal?

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10 Oct 2012 19:14 #13124 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Water fasting for 20-30
Dear Clara, I consistently advise against deciding on a number of days beforehand, as that could jeopardize your biofeedback. Particularly with the background of bulimia nervosa, it is so important to keep reinforcing your resolve by having a fasting period absolutely regularly, even if it is just one day a week. Great to get a "kick-start" initially but try to integrate it into your life.

Yes indeed it is possible to break the back of this disorder. Once you have conquered the eating part by fasting, you can conquer the rest of it so much easier.


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12 Oct 2012 09:55 #13176 by happydays
happydays replied the topic: Water fasting for 20-30
Dear Clara, I don't suffer from bulimia but I did have Binge Eating Disorder spanning several decades. I had resigned myself, despite trying everything I could find, to being stuck with it forever. Common thinking seems to be that fasting can cause bingeing but in the end it was the cure. I followed the method in "Health Won" religiously for 15 months and lost 113lbs. I now never binge. I would have said that this was impossible, completely unbelievable. Giving yourself a rest from eating may be the solution you need but remain doesn't happen overnight.

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