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fasting cured my bulimia

13 Feb 2011 20:30 #5867 by Nichole Skyy
Nichole Skyy created the topic: fasting cured my bulimia
Fasting has cured my 10 year battle with bulimia. Through fasting I was able to focus on my spirit, get in tough with my body and completely detach myself from the compulsive and maddening eating habits I once had. I was able to reset my food behaviours and begin again eating the kinds of food that I have always loved but have never been able to utilise in a healthy way. Such as raw fruits and vegetables,nuts, seeds, whole grains ect... There may be some who think this is impossible but this is the truth. I have been B/P free now for over 3 months and although I have had a few urges, they are few and far and very quiet. I am able to control these feeling with little to no effort. I will continue fasting periodically. Probably one 5 day fast per season as I am a very active mom, student,volunteer and wife. I really don't have the ability to take the time off that is needed to do an extended fast. I will continue to fast throughout my life in a respectful,peaceful way.

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13 Feb 2011 21:29 #5869 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: fasting cured my bulimia
Dear, dear Nichole.. thank you SO much for sharing this eye opening experience with us! You are an inspiration indeed.

Do note that once you are "into" fasting you can be very active and energetic during the fast so your hectic life need not be a hindrance and you won't need "time off" for this purpose. But of course until you are "into" regular fasting (Personally I recommend say 30-60 hours once a week) you might indeed feel tired during a fast.

Meanwhile, however, what you are now doing seems to be so close to the ideal that it would be a pity if you ruin this by trying to navigate uncharted waters.. you'll know when you are ready to try something different.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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14 Feb 2011 00:20 #5870 by Nichole Skyy
Nichole Skyy replied the topic: Re: fasting cured my bulimia
thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I wasn't really expecting a response from anyone on this topic. I just felt the need to share this as I haven't shared it with any friends or family at this point. As for your suggestions related to fasting. I have most definitely experienced the unbelievable clarity and
energy that is inherent through this process, however I have also felt the other symptoms (light headed, extreme nausea ect. And although these are a natural part of the detoxification process and eventually pass, my experience with them is that they can often inter fear with my ability to take care of my children who are the most important. I would LOVE , to try an extended fast eventually (possibly when my 2 almost 3 year old begins pre-school). Once again thank you so much for your support (you are the first that I can put in this category) and encouragement.

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