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Hering's Law of Cure

  • Misslinda
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06 May 2007 02:40 #60 by Misslinda
Misslinda created the topic: Hering's Law of Cure
Hi everyone,

I'd like to share a helpful chart in dealing with \"healing crisis\" episodes while fasting or to at least recognize them. I would love the hear other's experiences and thoughts as well!

Hering’s Law of Cure
Constantine Hering, M.D. (1800-1880) observed that healing occurs in a consistent pattern. He described this pattern in the form of three basic laws which homeopaths can use to recognize that healing is occurring. This pattern has been recognized by acupuncturists for hundreds of years and is also used by practitioners of herbalism and other healing disciplines.

According to the first of Hering's laws, healing progresses from the deepest part of the organism - the mental and emotional levels and the vital organs - to the external parts, such as skin and extremities.

Hering's second law states that, as healing progresses, symptoms appear and disappear in the reverse of their original chronological order of appearance. Homeopaths have consistently observed that their patients re-experience symptoms from past conditions.

According to Hering's third law, healing progresses from the upper to the lower parts of the body. For instance, a person is considered to be on the mend if the arthritic pain in his neck has decreased although he now has pain in his finger joints.

As the symptoms change in accordance with Hering's Law, it is common for individual symptoms to become worse than they had been before treatment. If healing is truly in progress, the patient feels stronger and generally better in spite of the aggravation. Before long, the symptoms of the aggravation pass, and leave the person healthier on all levels. (more on Herring's Law of cure)

Sadly, most conventional medical doctors treat each symptom as a unique and unconnected phenomenon. A person's skin rash generally would be treated with cortisone, thus suppressing it,and, possibly, reactivating the person's asthma. The mentally ill person's new physical symptom is also suppressed, leading to a relapse of the mental illness.

There are symptoms during a healing crisis that may be confused with illness but the difference is that these symptoms are short in duration and move from one part of the body to another, from inside out and from top to bottom. There is usually a lack of appetite and may be a fever. Illness is a very different scenario where one or more of the organs are not working well, causing toxic build up of waste material that can't get out. There is fear during illness, a feeling of being out of control as opposed to the prevailing feeling during a healing crisis that underneath all the symptomology everything is working just the way it should and everything is really OK. The reversal process is another part of the healing crisis. It is necessary to revisit each step the body has been through that brought it to its current state of dis-ease. People learn from an early age that symptoms are bad and should be stopped or suppressed.

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11 May 2007 06:23 #72 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:Hering's Law of Cure
Beautiful post, Misslinda. Even in orthodox medicine we know that the symptom often represents the onderlying healing mechanism. Fever, for example, greatly enhances the efficiency of the human immune system, and inhibits the metabolism of \"germs\" (most micro-organisms). I was very pleased recently to learn that at least some nurses have recently been taught not to \"break the fever\" with drugs but to warm a feverish child in order to speed up the healing process.
Of course we should diagnose properly beforehand because there are a few fevers that could detrimental to health.
The same holds for eating. We instinctively know that a healthy happy child will eat and a sick unhappy one not. So we \"whitewash\" our conscience by bribing and blackmailing sick children into eating whereas they would have healed just so much more quickly if we praised them for abstaining from food while the body concentrates on healing the disease.

All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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13 Feb 2008 22:11 #582 by johnfielder
johnfielder replied the topic: Re:Hering's Law of Cure
There appears to be some confusion re the \"healing crisis\" and illness. I am here referring to illness as all \"acute\" forms of disease in contradistinction to \"chronic\" forms of disease. All acute forms of disease are \"healing crisis\" per se.

The chronic form of disease occurs through the suppression of, or ignoring of, the acute form by drug and other forms of so-called natural remedies, or by eating when one should be fasting.

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11 Apr 2008 05:10 #643 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:Hering's Law of Cure

Beautifully formulated, John!

If you read our \"little\" register of medicines available to the Medical profession, the word that likely is used most frequently is the word


and the list goes on..

but even in academic circles it is appreciated that more than 80% of our medicines are symptomatic. In defence of my own profession, you have to understand the pressure put on us by patients having been made to believer there is an


to just about everything.. the fallacy perpetuated by the all powerful pharmaceutical industry is that your doctor just needs to know what to put INTO you to help..

whilst logic tells us healing is best achieved by taking OUT that what makes you ill. NOT like the surgeon taking out an appendix or a gall bladder, but your body eliminating the toxins that built up over so many years..

Remember that fasting achieves only the first phase of getting rid of these.. a process consisting of 2 steps:
1. Mobilizing (through fasting) and
2. Elimination (Through the elimination organs that, unlike the kidneys, doe not work all the time: Tonsils, sinuses, sweat glands, bile system, intestine, tear glands, etc.)

which once again explain why I prefer active fasting.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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  • Misslinda
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23 Feb 2009 02:34 #2794 by Misslinda
Misslinda replied the topic: Re:Hering's Law of Cure
It's a fascinating subject for me on the "map" of healing. I do absolutely agree that "supression" of "healing crisis," and/or dis-eases thru medications, poor diets or habits that disguise it's identity ,only bury the underlying cause.

Chronic syptoms if left ongoing, create confusion for the sufferer and I find it helpful to draw a chronological timeline of one's health "conditions" or dis-ease to trace back and move forward to visually understand where the cause has started. It's a tool that I've used that give mental assurance that you can actually pin point it and move forward.

Andre, I can relate to the fever illustration. I was brought up by mother who was an avid follower of her intuition and eastern culture. Whenever I had a fever, it would require me to be fully clothed,laying on the asian heating mattress and take fluids. She would then take a needle and "prick" my two big toes and two thumb (the other fingers depending on how I looked and other responses). I was not aloud to leave that mattress until I sweated like a marathon runner. I always woke up like feeling like I was seeing the sun for the first time.

On the opposite, I work for a hospital and I see the administering of these drugs often for something as simple as pain and fever. It amazes me how many people still EAT when they are sick! I know one lady who took 8 Ibuprofen pills for her pain that never went away....don't misunderstand me, I think people have a right if they feel this is their ONLY way. That is what disturbs me. We need to value OUR bodies a little more these days...

Back to the Hering's Laws of Cure, I use it while fasting too which makes it a nice "pocket" guide to giving validity to the detox process.


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