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fasting for recovery after meningitis&sepsis

14 Oct 2006 01:11 #9 by vld
vld created the topic: fasting for recovery after meningitis&sepsis
My name is Vladimir. I am a medical doctor, working as a physician and homeopathy & Volls method specialist in Russia. I want to share my successful experience about 24 days water fasting after meningococcal meningitis plus meningococcemia (septicemia) with edema of brain and polyarthritis. How I treated myself 25 years ago I wrote in my book: V. D. Etkin “Incurable diseases” and alternative medicine. Phoenix Publishing House, Rostov-on-the-Don, Russia, 2006.
I am author a unique method for neurorehabilitation without medication after injury and inflammation brain, using fasting and CAM. My future book tells about my personal experience for recovering after bacterial meningitis in details and whole system - neurorehabilitation: \"My system of health or 25 years without medications\", 300 pages. “
Who knows any story about recovery after inflamation brain. please, to share with me and other!

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05 Nov 2006 01:11 #10 by johnfielder
johnfielder replied the topic: Re:fasting for recovery after meningitis&sepsis
Hi Vladimir,
Many thanks for posting this invaluable information. You are to be commended for having the faith to explore,experience, and uphold such a radical concept. I, for one commend you.

I would like to add a further dimension by saying that from an Hygienic viewpoint, the fast does not cure anything. That in fasting we provide the necessary pre-conditions that enable our bodies to function as they should, to in fact heal themselves, to restore homeostasis. By the practice of total rest(fasting) we give our organisms the opportunity, by releasing energy which in normal activity is uitilised for digestion and other activity, to be directed to, and used, in the process of healing and rgeneration of its tissue .

It is always well to bear in mind the fact that unless we also change the very habits that have caused the condition(s) for which we are fasting, and subsequently return to our former way of living, we can be assured that in due course, either that condition will return, or another will manifest itself.

To be successful with fasting it is necessary to view it as only a part of the process necessary to attain full and on-going healing.That it is just as important, yet no more important than, all the other facets of our life, such as sunlight,exercise, healthy thoughts, diet, and so-on. Our thoughts alone may bring about our demise, even though we may be being perfect in all other ways.


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08 Nov 2006 04:25 #11 by vld
vld replied the topic: Re:fasting for recovery after meningitis&sepsis
Dear John,
You are absolutely right that fasting is not a treatment for particular diseases. In my case I used complex methods from CAM (complimentary and alternative medicine) that I wrote in my future book about neurorehabilitation: \"My system of health or 25 years without medications\". The mechanism of therapeutic fasting to help by stress to change not only function but in my case to rebuild damaged structure in brain.

My diagnosis sounded as a verdict: the residual phenomena meningococcal infections (meningitis and a sepsis) with the raised craniocereberal pressure, extrapyramidal disturbances (defeat subcrustal ganglia substances of a brain due to encephalitis) and fatigue syndrome.
If the conclusion of doctors to translate into ordinary language then it would mean: constant headaches day and night from which I climbed on a wall, 4 hour dream, later and early awakening, shaking at walking, dizziness, weakness in the right hand and a leg, especially at loading and weather changing, a constant tremor (trembling) of a head and painful spasms in legs muscles, decrease in memory and concentration of attention, fatigue and emotional disbalans in the form of vulnerability, despondencies, depression, etc.

My story for everybody says that any “incurable” diseases could be treated by CAM. The main idea consists is not only about type of treatment, but in change life style and an integral approach (spirit, soul, body and etc.) My example is just confirming it.
Yesterday I have finished my 4-days dry fasting for recovery after a cold.

Sincerely, Vladimir
PS. You can read for free

\"Triumph over Disease by Fasting and Natural Diet \"- A personal story of a young man (medical doctor) who, though receiving treatment for ulcerative colitis, was approaching death. He fasted for over 40 days and recovered health and enjoyment of life. By Dr. Jack Goldstein.

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08 Nov 2006 04:58 #12 by vld
vld replied the topic: Re:fasting for recovery after meningitis&sepsis

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23 Jan 2007 14:21 #19 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:fasting for recovery after meningitis&sepsis
This is a very beautiful scientifically sound piece of advice, one sure to be passed on. Fasting in the treatment of disease has 2 finctions:
1. To reduce the load of chemicals (such as food) on your system so that it can concentrate on repairs, primarily by reducing the antigen load (volume of foreign substances) the immune system has to cope with, and
2. Giving the body an opportunity and \"excuse\" to catabolize (break down) diseased tissues. Since an energy and material \"deficiency\" occurs, the body needs a source of supplies, and the most likely first candidate will be old, sick and diseased cells. After breaking the fast, the place of these can then be taken by new young an vibrant cells instead.
Keep up the good work, and have a great life!

All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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