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can fasting improve memory

05 Oct 2012 20:15 #13031 by link
link created the topic: can fasting improve memory
I wasn't sure where to post this topic, but I guess here will do. Here is the question: does fasting and/or eating more purely improve memory? There is a book by Paul Bragg called The Miracle of Fasting. In the book, he says that he achieved a photographic memory through fasting. I am pretty sure he was not heavy to begin with; thus, his body would not be burning, or living off of, accumulated/excessive fat stores. As a result, his fast would be much deeper than if he had excess fat stores built up prior to fasting. Any replies to my question would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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06 Oct 2012 09:45 #13036 by david
david replied the topic: can fasting improve memory
A good category would be " can fasting cure this " Re the memory issue I am convinced it can improve memory and attention. The brain like any other organ is susceptible to the accumulation of toxic waste and heavy metals. There is a debate on weather heavy metals can be eliminated by prolonged fasting but overall I am pretty sure it can have positive results. The other point is people have found that when the body is in fat burning mode their attention span increases which would also equate to improved memory. So if you have a few extra pounds to burn up I certainly wouldn't see that as a hindrance.

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