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Pilonidal Sinus Abscess

24 Oct 2012 20:02 #13306 by Michael79
Michael79 created the topic: Pilonidal Sinus Abscess
About two years ago I developed an abscess in a sinus I had. I tried desperately to find a holistic aproach to dealing with this, including going to two naturopaths and two homeopaths and many hours on the web. I took potions and herbs and mega-doses of raw Garlic. I wish I had known of fasting back then.

In the end I had it cut out by a surgeon. The daily dressings were horrible and the drugs they put you on are intense (Oxycodone, Paracetemol Forte) and i had to take myself off them so I didn't have other problems in remission. The reason I wanted to heal it naturaly is that I figured it was a drain or vent that my body had to remove toxicity and that removing it would force it into another part of the body, or even create another sinus (very common with patients).

The reason I ask this is for other people searching on the net for natural ways to heal, remove, clean a pilonodal sinus, cyst, abcess but also if I ever get another one to see if it is possible to reverse it or fix by fasting, I feel it should be. Have you ever worked with these before Dr Andre'?


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25 Oct 2012 09:41 #13311 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Pilonidal Sinus Abscess
Indeed dear Micheal I have seen Pilonidal cysts completely resolve and not return after a period of fasting. Yet I cannot quite explain why.. Yet some of them I evenutally had to operate on and I did so under local anaesthesia, must removed a bit of skin (full thickness) so that there are simply no hair in the area to be pushed into the skin..

Do bear in mind they most often happen because hard, stiff hairs are rubbed into the skin where they inflame. Our habit of wearing clothing contributes to the environment in which this tends to happen.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.
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