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Fasting to improve vein health

06 Feb 2013 16:01 #15260 by Diancecht
Diancecht created the topic: Fasting to improve vein health
I have not found much information on this and as someone who has developed varicose veins in her thigh, behind her knee and calf during multiple pregnancies it is of interest to me. I have been to a doctor who sent me to a surgeon and the ONLY option he gave me was stripping even though he called it a mild case he wants to strip as (in his words) you are young and athletic and they will just get worse... I find this attitude to be quite odd as I do not even need compression stockings so have since been looking into other options (including of course fasting)

Anyway, long story short I wish to know if anyone has noticed with fasting an improvement in vein health or even appearance? Or has anyone found anything that would be helpful for me to read on the treatment of veins through fasting.

Thank you.

Fasting is the safest and most appropriate method of treating varicose veins. It
does not destroy or coagulate the veins, which are accomplished by other methods at the cost of overworking the deeper blood vessels, but it does heal varicose
ulcers, helps to restore tonicity to the walls of the veins, reduces their size and
provides freedom from pain. In young people who are affected by varicosities of
small to moderate size, full recovery is usually possible. For the patient past middle age, with severe varicosities, definite improvement with comfort may be expected but complete recovery is rare. In all cases, proper nutrition and adequate
exercise after the fast are necessary to prevent excess fluid in the tissues and assure continued improvement or maintenance of normal tone of the walls of the


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06 Feb 2013 16:05 #15262 by Diancecht
Diancecht replied the topic: Fasting to improve vein health
Also I may wish to point out that his calling me young should not distract from me being in my 30s (33) and I have had the vein issue since the age of 20.

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06 Feb 2013 16:37 #15263 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Fasting to improve vein health
Dear Diancecht, varicose veins is a rather complex condition. One way to understand them is when you see how a very long thin balloon is blown up (Those they twist and turn into all and sundry objects). It is very hard to get the process started, but once the balloon is a little bit distended, it becomes a lot easier.

The same with veins. As soon as they are a bit dilated, they dilate further much easier. It's all part of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. The tension the wall is exposed to is proportional to the diameter..

Thus it is essential to deal with the veins early and aggressively before the process runs amok.

Fasting would surely be helpful in that it reduces the blood pressure, particularly in the limbs and it helps the body scavenge excess collagen (in order to supply fuel and repair proteins). A varicose vein contains excess collagen due to its size.

Application of cold (ice) also tones up the muscles in the blood vessel walls and could contribute. Intermittent hot and cold would cause these muscles to become stronger and to thus handle the blood pressure better.

But one should approach this thing multi-disciplinary. Wish I could examine them, measure them and follow them up to see what's really happening.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.
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06 Feb 2013 17:19 #15264 by Diancecht
Diancecht replied the topic: Fasting to improve vein health
Thank you for your reply I think I will add the intermittent hot and cold as I have read before that it helps but as yet have not tried it.

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