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I have some questions..

15 Feb 2012 02:08 - 15 Feb 2012 02:09 #10018 by mike5
mike5 created the topic: I have some questions..
Hey friends,

First of all, I would like to thank administators for providing such a good site and all people that contribute/share their experiences and their questions here.

So, I am about to start a combined dry fast and I have some questions!

I know that dry fasting is more intense than water fasting and it gives back 3x better results. (E.G. I read that Milena lost pretty much the same weight with 10 days of dry fast and with 30 days of water fast)

So it works for weight but does it work 3x faster with detox aswell? Will it detoxify 3x faster the body?

Also, I want your opinion on something. How many days of combined dry fasting would the body need to clean the skin from acne OR marks left from acne? (Let's say I'll be dry fasting for 2 days and the next day I'll be water fasting, then again 2 days of dry fasting, then water fasting and so on)

Thanks for your time.

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