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re-feeding , day 5

22 Nov 2012 17:14 - 22 Nov 2012 17:16 #13824 by vidda
vidda created the topic: re-feeding , day 5
Hello everyone !

What a huge difference with this site and the forums , since my last visit , wow !

Just got off 17 days water fast and started re-feeding ( day 5 tolday). Trying to get back to regular fasting like I did few years ago...

Been 51 years old, I got hit with these horrible - prolong -feels-like -forever pms' that affect me greatly for half of a month . last month was horrible , should I say , lymphydema was at least of my concerns ...that how my 17days WF started... The fast itself was an easy fast for me.

However , I still have issue with constant dehydration of my body. I am afraid I would end up with lymphedema again and who knows what else . Is there any safe way to tell whether the boddy is fine and when is dehydrated ,please ?

Thank you ,



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