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Water retention in the legs/sweating during water fast. 5 steps elimination cycle

04 Aug 2012 13:41 #11686 by Shant
Shant created the topic: Water retention in the legs/sweating during water fast. 5 steps elimination cycl
I decided to copy-paste what the Fast Doctor said re. water retention in the legs. Thanks so very much, Andre. I water fasted for 10 days. It was my first pure water fast, I felt great, remained very active, yet my feet and ankles got swollen when I was walking for too long in hot weather. I must admit I never followed recommended 5 steps during the water fast which might have helped a lot. I'd like to draw more attention to it this way :).

Water retention in the legs can also be caused by renal failure, cardiac failure, lack of movement, lymphedema, cellulitis, water intoxication, venous thrombosis, compression on the veins or lymph vessels, and quite a few more. Thus any new symptom like this needs to be examined by a professional. Sometimes you SEE it in the legs whilst it is present elsewhere also...

Weight bearing exercise activates the Soleus muscles to physically pump excess fluid from the legs. Massage or varicose stockings can help also, provided it is limited to the legs.

Still it's all rather complex. When there's too much water in the body, it's because too much water got into the body and not out again. Putting more things in don't get things out.. unless they have a diuretic effect (blocking the renal tubules) but I would be careful to force water out of the body if the body in its wisdom decided it should be there.. Thus always first try finding out why...

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