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Can we eat to starve cancer (Androgenisis)

18 May 2010 18:04 #4579 by david
david created the topic: Can we eat to starve cancer (Androgenisis)
A potential cure for cancer by eating selectively and also for weight loss. Both cancer and fat are angiogenesis dependent and therefore by eating selective foods which inhibit angeogenesis one can also lose weight. According to Dr William Lee we can.

Dr William Lee also suggests that one can enhance the anti-androgenic effect by combining certain foods. However the negative side effects of inhibiting angiogenesis is not covered. I guess like all things one needs to strike a balance.

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Small minds discuss people.

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21 May 2010 11:03 #4584 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:Can we eat to starve cancer (Androgenisis)
The Fast Doctor wrote:

Indeed, David. Not only a balance but also an opprtunity for our bodies to live their own "personalities". I find it sad that people continually want to force square pegs into roung holes.. make generalized assumptions that should hold for all people. What a boring world this would have been if we were all the same?

I am scared of these many diseases grouped together under the umbrella term "cancer". It has been the fastest growing group of diseases during the 20th century.. and to some extent I believe it is because we overfeed ourselves, creating an environment within which cancer cells can survive: All these "supplements" for example, might just what a cancer cell needs to stay alive.

During regular fasting, your body looks inward for nutrition. The weak, the bad and the useless cells would more likely be targeted for consumption. Thus during a fast you could get rid of cells that either tend to develop into cancer cells or has already become cancerous.

Check the following quote:
Most likely, caloric restriction causes longevity through some combination of genetic and environmental factors, with a reduced flow of nutrients into the body triggering genetic switches that lead to longer life, according to Barzilai.

Read more: Proteins link diet to longevity - The Scientist - Magazine of the Life Sciences


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