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MMS Jim Humbles Miracle Solution is it safe?

12 Jun 2010 11:07 #4626 by david
david created the topic: MMS Jim Humbles Miracle Solution is it safe?
I am more often than not quite a gullible person especially when it comes to 'miracle' cures and I am always willing to try them. Recently I have been lured into Jim Humble's Web of Weird his cure-all MMS Miracle Mineral Solution which is obtained by mixing sodium chlorite (swimming pool chlorine) with acetic acid which after 3 minutes produces Chlorine Dioxide which you then swollow. The claims are as long as your arm and FAR reaching, and I am experimenting with the product as we speak.
If you trawl through Google searches and Youtube you will find countless testimonials to the positive effects of MMS. And I mean countless.
This morning I awoke wondering if there was anything negative written about it other than the usual hot headed vexed and hostile stuff full of nasty expletives, which no one really takes seriously anyway. Well after typing in a few keywords on Google I found a really well written article on why one should err on the side of caution when it comes to using MMS, and some of the points raised by this article did cross my mind, but it is good to see it coming from someone who obviously has some kind of scientific background.

One of the main things that has got in the way of me fully embracing MMS (and I am only on my 4th day of testing it) is that we often forget that the real healing force behind any illness is our very own body! And the trap with any so called 'miracle' solution is that it leads one into a false sense of security where you think you can continue abusing the body and neglecting all the other core causes of illness which are most often directly linked to what we put into our body intentionally or unintentionally. The very important fact which is so often overlooked is that the body is a hugely powerful healing machine if only it is left to its own devices. And this is why I always come back to fasting and other key Natural Hygienic practices such as rest and rest and more rest.

So yes in theory perhaps there is a drug out there which can do some of the 'dirty' work for us such as killing off the 'bad' bacteria, but then where does this leave the body. I was a little shocked when I learned that Jim Humble uses his MMS daily and has done so for a number of years. What would happen to him if he ever stopped using it? Would his immune system be strong enough to cope with any invading pathogens? I have my doubts!

Which brings me back to the purpose of this site. Many see it as a tool to shed the unwanted pounds and kilos and fasting is without a doubt the best way to lose weight quickly and safely if intermittent fasting is adopted. But really this site is about learning to get back in touch with the body's own miracle powerhouse. By following the laws of Natural Hygiene or Nature-cure call it what you will, you can build up a phenomenal resistance to harmful environmental forces. But we need to start by asking the question "what does my body need and want to heal?" not to a doctor or a health professional, but ask the question to yourself. And this also implies learning the art of listening to oneself.

Here is a case in point. At the beginning of the week I suffered from severely swollen fingers on my right hand. I put this down to a nasty pathogen which got in through a little cut on my index finger. And also that my immune system was not strong enough to deal with it. My doctor prescribed strong antibiotics for a week. As I am not particularly pro antibiotics I shelved the pills and pulled out my natural hygiene book instead. This prescribed rest and fasting. And as you know a few drops of MMS which I was experimenting with. Well here is the verdict. My index and middle finger are still slightly swollen, but no pain, no redness and I am feeling more energetic today and feel ready to start work again on Monday. The effect of the MMS: On day 4 I awoke at 6am with excruciating pain in my index finger and it felt that the pain was emanating from the bone. I immediately took 3 drops of MMS and went back to bed for an hour. One hour later the pain had completely gone! I mean totally gone! although the swelling was still apparent. I continued each hour with the drops. Next hour 8am I took 4 drops and then at 10am I increased the dose to 5 drops which I regretted as half an hour later had a strong reaction and vomited up all the water in my stomach along with the MMS. The dose was obviously too high! Subsequently I got a sore throat and started losing my voice. Today Saturday my voice is still hoarse but not as bad as yesterday. I did not take any more drops after that experience other than to rinse my mouth. I also noticed that I am detoxing more than usual since taking the MMS as the odors coming from my skin are stronger than usual, but what is the point if there is no clear channel to release the extra toxic load? I dont' have access to a sauna and was too low on energy to do The Fast Doctors 5 step Elimination Cycles. (You can find out about this on the site forum FAQ link)

So has my experiment worked? Yes and no. If I had taken the prescribed drugs I would probably have been back in work mid week, but as I have taken the whole week off, I have had time to relax, fast,reflect, shed some unwanted pounds, and get back in touch with ME. My GP told me that there is no way the finger would heal itself. I mentioned fasting and he smiled and said that "'things' don't work like that." He may be correct as I need to wait a few more days to see if my experiment worked, but at least I have given it my best try and if it does succeed, next time I get this infection my body will know exactly what to do. And if my fingers swell again I will take the prescribed antibiotics but not on an empty stomach!

Here is the link to the article which presents valid points against the indiscriminate use of MMS and below are the before and after pictures of my swollen fingers. My own view on MMS is that a whole lot more research is needed. It might be good for some people and some conditions and for short periods to overcome certain stubborn ailments, but as a mouth rinse or for topical uses I can't see why this would be dangerous. And it is certainly a good product for treating water.

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12 Jun 2010 20:44 #4628 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:MMS Jim Humbles Miracle Solution is it safe?
Excellent article, David! Some very valid points raised.

We always have to ask, was the healing because of, or in spite of the medicine.. the same holds for whatever chemical: "Vitamin", minerals, pro-or antibiotics, etc.

In scientific medicine we use the "double blind placebo controlled" protocol studies to distinguis between affects ascribable to medicines and those that just naturally happen. Many, many previously accepted medicines has since failed these tests and had to be dropped from the pharmacopoeia. So the only way you will know whether the drug MMS actually helped, would be if you were to find a certain number of patients with the same problem, have two batches of drugs, one containing MMS and one just looking and smelling the same, then have people dispense them who also don't know whether you are getting the real or the placebo. Then you have to compare the results. Obviously not practical in this case so we will likely never know whether it helped or actually hindered...


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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