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Enlarged heart

11 Jul 2010 05:59 #4767 by Meditating
Meditating created the topic: Enlarged heart

I was reading earlier today that it is not uncommon for an enlarged heart to decrease in size and repair itself, even absent Rx designated to do so.

I was wondering if you have seen anything like this in your practice. If so, do you know why or is there a specific theory as to how fasting helps or is this just another case of utilizing the energy otherwise expended on digestion for cell repair?
In other words, this is a problem where the body is set to repair itself when given the opportunity or is there something unique going on other than increasing energy for cell repair.

I assume the drop in blood pressure while fasting would help since that seemed to be a prerequisite to a decrease in size.

As always, thanks and I look forward to your response.

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11 Jul 2010 12:07 #4768 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: Enlarged heart
I found this citation at least interesting - not really addressing enlarged heart per se, but remodeling.

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