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New Fast Today

11 Jul 2010 12:33 #4769 by carolineq
carolineq created the topic: New Fast Today
Perhaps willpower will be the key, but I regained in one week all of the weight I lost in 8.5 days and then, 2-3 pounds on top of that. However, my body is not the same. I have been exercising strenuously for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours at 156-180 bpm (heart rate) and feel the muscle mass is definitely increased along with my aptitude for endurance. This morning, when I attempted to sleep in, my metabolism was so revved that I was sweating in bed. I actually NEED to workout to prevent my thyroid from getting whacked out again in trying to compensate for my bad habits.

I seriously have to get this thing under control. I NEED to fast again to get my appetite back under control and next time I refeed, I NEED to do it right. My bowels have hardly moved since my refeeding. I think my body is clinging to everything it can to prevent the stress I caused it the last time during the fast. Don't get me wrong, I think the fast was great for my body, but the stress was certainly there on the body.

So I announce today as my first day of my refast, my atonement for all the crap I ate this last week, which was certainly not what would be recommended on a forum like this (fast food, twinkies, lots of burgers, chicken, bbq, everything I wanted when I was fasting). And now that I've got it "out of my system" by getting it "into my system", I need to atone....

I realize this kind of behavior undoes everything that the fast acoomplishes so I really need to focus my efforts on 1) getting through the first few days 2) doing the active detox cycling twice daily and 3) most, importantly refeeding correctly and getting the intakes correct on the other side next time.

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12 Jul 2010 20:14 #4770 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: New Fast Today
attempts to fast keep failing. for some reason, my appetite is still ravenous. Today, I have a grinding headache, which is something I don't even recall in the last year. I think the weight gain and the continued intakes are wiping me out. It's amazing how I felt during the fast, in control of my ridiculous urges and now, I feel defeated and my self respect over this is just floor-level. Food addiction is something I aspire to conquer as part of my life strategy.

I think my hormonal cycle is also contributing to my pitfalls and feel I should wait until after the cycle restarts to go for it. Will update when I have had a single successful fast of 24 hours.

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13 Jul 2010 04:49 #4772 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: New Fast Today
Bear in mind, dear Carolineq, that the symptoms you experience can likely primiarily be ascribed to things in you: Chemicals that makes you feel bad when they mobilize from the tissues to the circulation. "Ravenous hunger" may be your experience but this is very unlikely an indicator of your body needing something.. it more likely needs to get something OUT.. that's why the massage/toning phase followed by induced sweat is so essential after your exercise phase.

Of course the hormones contribute.. they always do. And they are really difficult to conquer. But please remember: Practice makes perfect, and one day you'll break through.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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13 Jul 2010 10:43 #4774 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: New Fast Today
I'm glad you wrote back. I am determined to own today and make it my day zero. I am going to do this differently today by keeping stats on things I consider relevant and significant for my health and athletic aspirations. I am really amazed by the headache I experienced yesterday and do attribute it to the garbage consumption of the last 9 days. I really hit my body up hard! I do think introducing this new workout into my schedule as a post-fast exercise was also a bit significant in causing me to crave so much protein. I never crave protein like I have in the last week... but my goal this time is to maintain the lean mass by exercising at least 45 minutes a day on the stairmaster, with ultimate goal of 2.5 hours to be consistent with my training. I am ok with a drop in intensity to 66% capacity. However, I exercised today at what I consider to be my healthy maximum 156 bpm rate, but not duration. GOing to try to put in 25 more minutes after this..,entry...

End weight with last Fast: 147 pounds
Sleep 12Jul: 2300
Awake 13Jul: 0520
Sleep interruptions < 10 minutes duration: 7
Waking Weight: 166.5 pounds
Workout interval: 45 minutes nonstop at 156 bpm (HR)
Stairmaster Level: 10
Weight Entry: 168 pounds to account for shoes
Onset of Perspiration: 5.5 minutes
Initiation of Pain in balls of feet: 27 minutes
Posture: upright with 7 leaning positions of 30 seconds or less
Attitude: positive with endorphine rush during last 7 minutes
Pictoral Image: strong, but flab on stomach, arms, and buttox/hips

Thank you, as always, for your support. I have to run a 15 miler by Sept. 3rd, so I need to take this weight off so my feet don't kill me. Last time I attempted to run it, my feet were so painful (with my weight in the 160's as it is now) that I had to stop the race entirely, poor training to blame for he most part. If I can settle my weight into the mid-140's I will be able to do this no problem. But I'm training on the stairmaster to accustom my feet to the pressure and my body to the intensity. By the last week in July, I aspire to begin my running at 3 miles and get up to 8 miles done on flat surfaces by late August. I think it will not be hard for me to do 15 if I am training my heart and lungs to 2.5 hours on the stairmaster but need to get my structure right, so as to avoid injury associated with impact from an overweight body.

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13 Jul 2010 14:23 #4775 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: New Fast Today
HR 3 hours, 20 minutes post-workout in sitting position: 60 bpm.
Last Friday, it was 52.

Can't wait to check my ketostick reading tonight. I feel as though I just entered ketosis. I have that buzzy feeling about my cheeks and just this overall feeling of well-being. It sure would be interesting if I entered it after just 14 hours of no eating, which would lend credence to the idea of weekly fasting and retention of fasting enzyme activity even for several days after the fast. It's been a solid 9.5 days since I broke my 8.5 day fast, but I think the aerobic workout may have sent me in more quickly and also that my recent history of fasting may also be to credit. I just have a feeling it's working and ketosis is in progress... that would certainly be a strong argument for keeping the fasting up week after week, because it wasn't THAT hard this time... once I got my mind set on the fact that I'm not eating! If it only takes 14 hours with a rigorous workout, I probably would have done this sooner, but then again, my cravings were over the top! I do feel so much better after sweating profusely and then, drinking plenty of water.

Symptoms include: that buzzy feeling, strong energy, taste in mouth that just gives it away, and loss of appetite/cravings.

I wonder if one so desired to do so if a 7 on 7 off or 10 on 10 off method of cyclic fasting would accomplish the same thing in terms of longevity as alternate day eating. It would seem to... so long as the refeeding isn't so severe as mine was after the first fasting session of the repeating cycle. I figure I've fasted 8.5 days and if I ate for 9.5 days, and then, fast for say 10 again, that's cyclic fasting... we'll see how it all works...

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13 Jul 2010 18:14 #4776 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: New Fast Today
It remains important to bear in mind that your biofeedback is more important than theory. Cyclical fasting can be anything from one day on, one day off, to one month on, one month off... and to make it more interesting, consider not deciding beforehand.. let your body decide.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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13 Jul 2010 19:28 #4777 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: New Fast Today
And this is what I like about many of your messages - they underpinned with letting the body decide!!!


With my first 7 day fast years ago, I gained the 1-2 liters of water weight necessary to restart my digestion. And the rest of the weight stayed off, settling me in at 150 pounds 68 kg, perfect really! With the last one, I remain puzzled by my cravings. In a way, I think I neglected the counterargument to fasting, that your body just clings to everything thereafter and threw caution to the wind. Like I've said before, no matter how long this fast is, I would like to refeed cautiously. Also, I think I prolly could do alternating 36 hour fasts without too many issues and still maintain adequate energy to train hard for the upcoming event. Let the body decide. Ultimately, if I am working out for 1-2 hours a day at 200 - my age in heart rate, the fat will burn in a matter of weeks if I keep my intakes reasonable in the 1500-2200 range. I figure I burn 1200 in 1.5 hours, but that's the number calculated by my machine.

This fasting journey is very exciting. What gives me a lot of peace right now is that I finally broke the cycle of binging today. I really wanted to get off the roller coaster and I have. In 5 more hours, it will be 24 hours since my last meal. Making it to 36 hours should be a cynch (was going to say a piece of cake - funny how the mind spontaneously finds ironic phrases)!

I am already having mild symptoms of pain in my big toes. I experienced this on day 2-3 the last time. So I do suspect that my progress into the fast has really been expedited by my recent fast. This went away after about 24 hours the last time, so it doesn't persist long and probably signifies the transition into ketosis from protein catabolism (i.e. muscle).

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13 Jul 2010 22:08 #4778 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: New Fast Today
probably not a shock - but not in ketosis... sigh... will be soon enough I guess.

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14 Jul 2010 13:19 #4779 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: New Fast Today
So this thread will function more as a log of my training and my diet and my progress.


Exercise: ~ 1 hour described in previous post

Fast Duration: 20 hours

Diet: consumed over 2000 calories but prolly less than 2500 in four hours last night

Sleep: After an hour of reading to Chloe, slept until 7 AM. Woke up at least 7 times with durations of less than ten minutes.

Morning exercise for 14Jul2010: skipped.

Morning weight: 165 pounds

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15 Jul 2010 12:26 #4780 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: 15Jul2010
Bed last night: 11PM
Wake Time: 6:45AM
Sleep Interruptions: 5 or so
Workout: 70 minutes on Stairmaster level 10, wt entry 165 to account for shoes, also I walk 30 minutes during the midday, maintaining fluent speech while on the phone... so certainly not a major aerobic exercise.
HR throughout workout: 156-168
Posture: upright with several leans on the triangle bar < 30 seconds
Attitude: Tired, but thankful kids slept through 70 minutes and still sleeping
Waking Weight: 163.5 lbs
Post workout weight: 160.5 lbs
Onset of Sweating: 5 minutes arm fold
Sweating: salty midway through workout and then, clear at the end.
Onset of pain in balls of feet: 45 minutes (different socks)
YEsterdays Intakes: 100 kcals AM, 400 kcals afternoon, 1500 kcals evening
Today's goal: fast at least 20 hours through 6 PM tonight and see if I can go further.
Thoghts: Where I was weight wise about prior to my 8.5 day fast and at my post-4.5 day fast settling weight. Have been losing weight last few days without much effort so hopefully, that trend will continue and it was a function of muscle gain subsequent to onset of strenusous lengthy workouts. Fast is softer on hips, stomach and back of arms and definitely feel more toned. Feel as though I am effectively in the upper 150's weight wise (like 157 lbs with my last fast). It's going to come off.

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15 Jul 2010 17:29 #4781 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: 15Jul2010
Thanks for all the info.. an interesting read.

I thought you were fasting.. but now I note that you are eating, even though at a reduced caloric intake.

Do bear in mind that the fasting metabolism (catabolism) only "kicks in" when all the stored carbohydrate like blood sugar and liver and muscle glycogen has been used up... this typically takes about 24 hours. With your workout it can be sooner but it is advisable that you check specifically for the presence of ketones, which signals fat catabolism, before considering yourself to have achieved the fasting state.

Personally I don't do even the weekly fast less than 30 hours, usually aiming for at least about 50. And if it is more than 10-14 days after a fast, it would take about 3 days for the real fasting metabolism to become active.. I recently supervised a patient where it took a full 5 days.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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15 Jul 2010 18:02 #4782 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: 15Jul2010
Aha! Thank you! I was wondering if you merely fasted for 24 hours each Monday or if you went longer. Thank you for addressing that. I am still working my way into an extended fast (5 or more), and think I'm interested in the end in doing alternate day since that's what the longevity studies really show worked for so many animals... but each day I announce my plan and don't stick with it, I suffer so I'm just slowly working my way up to the extended fast and trying to move the parameters in the right direction in the process. I did have a nice fatty meal last night (lots of chicken with mayonaise), but also included a sweet beverage so that sourced some additional glucose for my system. I now know it will take longer to get into ketosis and I will be very interested in seeing just how long. I imagine I will be in after 48 hours though with two 1 hour plus long workouts at my aforementioned intensity.

Thank you, Fast Doctor, for following! It's very encouraging! I do really aspire to accomplish so many things with a regular fasting approach, and feel it opens up opportunities for all kinds of self-improvement (more energy, more balance, more discipline, opening doors for reaching one's athletic and maybe even spiritual potential).

Thanks again! Still working towards day 0... I'll strive for it today. My cravings have been declining significantly every day since Monday! I just discovered my kids' crackers and cookies on Tuesday night and decided to dive in. Now I frankly have decided not to buy junkfood for kids since, hey, they don't need that stuff either.

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16 Jul 2010 01:35 #4783 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: 15Jul2010
Made it 24 hours...

still not in ketosis... gasp... just kidding...

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16 Jul 2010 12:58 #4784 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: 36 hours - 48 hours (15Jul2010)
Entered early ketosis this morning with a urine ketones reading between "none" (beige) and "trace" (pink), suggesting I went in sometime after 33 hours. I took my reading BEFORE my workout and figure it was not overly dilute. If anything, it would have been concentrated.

Asleep: 11PM
Awake: 6:45AM
Sleep interruptions: 3
Waking weight: 158 pounds
Post-workout weight: 156.5 pounnds
Workout: 30 lunges and just 20 minutes at the usual 156-168 bpm heart rate
Onset of Sweat: 4 minutes, clear through duration of workout, no smell

Didn't workout a whole lot since I work the early shift today and worked the late shift last night. Really in a crunch for time, so slept in and had a good sleep.

Mental focus intesified yesterday, no stomach discomfort or hunger pain, just a very mild headache yesterday that resolved after an hour or two. Feel very well right now and am excited about making it this far as this is the tipping point when I begin having a change of heart about the long fast. I start thinking about doing the longer fast again and steering away from short ones if only because... I forgot how good it feels and exciting.

Can really tell there is shrinkage occuring ... pants looser than they were at the end of the last fast (not just around waste, but all over). Familiar feeling in the fat tissues around hips of what I imagine to be fat hydrolysis... I recall during the latter stages of my last fast, this feeling diminished until I began my rigorous exercise program.

Tomorrow will be an interesting morning. It's supposed to be my long workout of 1.5-2.2.25 hours at maximal intensity so I hope my energy is sustained to get the long training in. My goal is to lose weight, detox, and build endurance. If I lose weight, my feet are going to handle the training better and my endurance will automatically improve since I won't have to haul the extra weight around, and if I detox, mentally I just know how cool that will feel.

The little cyst growth had been small all the way up until earlier this week, but in the last few days even now, it has grown back to normal. I will get it checked out in August... but I imagine it will shrink again if I continue the fast for several days.

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16 Jul 2010 22:59 #4788 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: 46 hours (16Jul2010)
Ketosis: between trace and small...
slight depression and introspection for the latter half of the day, becoming more serious...

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