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Level of Ketosis

19 Jul 2010 22:40 #4804 by carolineq
carolineq created the topic: Level of Ketosis
I've read that you mustn't worry about the level of ketosis, just that you are in ketosis. I think the level is a potential indicator of the magnitude of fat catabolism assuming the hydration status of the individual is constant. So while I agree, it's great to burn ketones, I'd like to burn a bunch. I interrupted my fast with a 2000 kcal slurry of food (dairy, fruit, vegetables) last night and by this morning I was nearly out of ketosis, but now I'm between trace and small. I had been approaching the second highest rung of the ladder in terms of spilling ketones.

If ketones really are just unused fuel, then why would the body burn so much extra that it's not going to use... I always have a higher level of ketones in my urine after physical exertion.

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20 Jul 2010 18:31 #4807 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: Level of Ketosis
Ketones in your urine represents ketones that has NOT been burned.. that's why they are still there. If a fasting person is very active, we can actually burn all the ketones that forms, and have none in the urine. When you are very active, your body starts mobilizing more fat to supply the ketones (and glycerol) to your muscles as energy. Once you stop exercising and start resting, the "momentum" of fat breakdown continues on and keeps supplying your system with ketones..


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