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Social Question: What do you say ?

03 Sep 2010 14:41 #5079 by carolineq
carolineq created the topic: Social Question: What do you say ?
Sister in Law knows I'm fasting and she has been very supportive of intermittant fasting, but to go longer durations ... she was very quick to say "I just don't think it's healthy."

What do you say to people who provide their derogatory input like that?

I am having to face my family this weekend and really not looking forward to all of the feedback and putdowns about why I can't just eat protein and nutritious foods.

ANyway, I'm resolved to think there is nothing I can say. It's like a religion to some people. Either you believe extreme interventions work or you do not ... and I believe most people choose not to believe because they lack the personal strength to go the distance in food abstinance.
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04 Sep 2010 14:25 #5083 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: Social Question: What do you say ?
Mentioning religion: If this is a religious person you could point out to her that the only human with no sin (Jesus) did a 40 day fast before becoming hungry and had his spell with the Devil.. now damaging the body would be sin. Thus the 40 day fast could not have damaged His body.

Interestingly during our forum in Russia 2 years ago, a lot of agnostic scientists also found in their research that 40 days is the limit of a typical safe fast.

If of course your sister in law thinks of long fasts as being more than 40 days, I could agree.. and always recommend rather to stick to a series of shorter fasts.


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