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Fasting and autoimmune diseases.

20 Jan 2011 14:20 #5698 by vanka
vanka created the topic: Fasting and autoimmune diseases.
Hello doctor,

I'm new and just discovering fasting as a concept.
I would really like to try, but I don't know how to begin and continue, having in mind I suffer from at least two autoimmune diseases - thyroide Hashimoto and Gougerot- Sjogren syndrome, lupus is actually suspected, but not confirmed(hope not!).
I live in France and I'm under medication levothyroxine 75 - 125mg per day since 2006, but my TSH is not always regulated - 363,115,60,12,0.01,25,6, 13 ...My doctor changes the dose and it never seems to be the good one for more than 3 months.
Since the summer 2010 a sensitive loss appeared through different reagions of my body - arm, leg, back and 2 fingers on my right hand.Then Gougerot- Sjogren was detected - auto antibodes ssa 1280.I am actually taking Plaquenil 2 times per day.
My question is: should I try water fasting, for how long, if yes - should I continue or stop the medication - Plaquenil + Levothyroxine while fasting.
Thank you very much!

P.S.I asked my doctor, he disapproves, got the impression in France they generally disapprove fasting...

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20 Jan 2011 17:12 #5699 by carolineq
carolineq replied the topic: Re: Fasting and autoimmune diseases.
Hi Vanka! I always love posts on water fasting and autoimmune disease as from what I've read, anything from a 3-10 day water fast repeated frequently is actually "helpful" for the thyroid. I am suspected of having Hashimoto's as well. It runs in my family and after my second child, my TSH was ten times the max, but dropped spontaneously without medication both while I fasted and while I did not.

My point is that my doctor told me in these words after I explained I wanted to refrain from taking medication for it: "Well, the thyroid is.... we'll just say unnusual." She went on to say how she'd had patients spontaneously recover from hypothyroidism and it is unexplainable." If you imagine your body being run by gears that are programmed to do the best thing for the body as a whole without any exogenous substances, then you might imagine that the gears will work together to find the perfect harmony between them, which we'll homeostasis, a very natural hoeostasis which I think has to be how fasting helps so many autoimmune diseases.

Also, if you imagine the exogenous substances we take in (and it includes meats and foreign proteins to our body), you might speculate that those foreign compounds might trigger autoimmune responses. I feel vaccines may also play a role, but I am not able to advise anyone on this.

Your doctor may have reasons to recommend you not fast... please ask the doctor. If he is not willing to supervise you, perhaps someone will.

I look forward to the post by the fast doctor and hearing about your decisions regarding fasting!



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20 Jan 2011 21:47 - 21 Jan 2011 02:14 #5704 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: Fasting and autoimmune diseases.
Thank you Carolineq for an excellent response to our new member and dear Vanka, you are indeed welcome here.

I do not understand the rationale behind playing around with the dosage of Thyroxine. This baic thyroid replacement is not a very active hormone. It is also referred to as T4 as it contains 4 Iodine atoms. To make it more active, the cells that needs the thyroid activity removes one of the iodines to make T3 which is very active. Thus if you take only T4 your body still largely control your own thyroid function.

Please do not hesitate to keep us posted and we'll try our level best to help.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.
The following user(s) said Thank You: vanka

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20 Jan 2011 23:29 #5705 by vanka
vanka replied the topic: Re: Fasting and autoimmune diseases.
Thank you, André and Caroline for your attention!

I would really like to try fasting, I am not afraid of!
I would just like to know - shall I continue taking my thyroide medication Levothyroxine and Gougerot - Sjogren Plaquenil(sulfate of hydroxychloroquine)during the fast or not???
It's difficult for me to be supervised - unfortunately I still haven't met a physician that approuves fasting here.By "supervised" you mean regular medical control(kind of everyday check)or just in case of real need?

About the vegetarien diet - "stricktly" means: milk,cheese, eggs and fish are allowed or not?

Thank you!

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21 Jan 2011 02:34 #5707 by david
david replied the topic: Re: Fasting and autoimmune diseases.
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21 Jan 2011 21:57 #5708 by gsonik65
gsonik65 replied the topic: Re: Fasting and autoimmune diseases.

Here are some links of fasting retreats in France.
Hope it helps.

Good luck.
Thorasme-Basse - L'Usnée - Tel. + 33 - 4 92 83 54 07
Varennes-St-Sauveur - Centre de revitalisation - Tel. + 33 - 4 85 74 65 57

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