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Fukushima Natural Hygienic Survival Plan

03 May 2011 21:09 #6720 by david
david created the topic: Fukushima Natural Hygienic Survival Plan
Due to the increasing concern of several site members of the dispersal of radioactive waste from the Fukushima disaster, I decided to post a new topic which will hopefully deal specifically with the best alternative and complimentary methods for optimizing our bodies for eventual exposure to the radioactive isotopes.

There seem to be three main ways these toxins can enter into our food chain or body. One is through food which is imported from an affected area or grown in an affected area. 2nd is through water contamination and 3rd is through the air,
Cesium and radioactive Iodine seem to be two of the primary concerns but no doubt as this event further unfolds others will also come to light.

I know that the Fast Doctor has already discussed this topic on one of the threads and when I find it I will also attach it to this thread. And member Safi who got a small dose of it in China recommended seaweed (obviously not seaweed from that part of Japan)

Please don't think for a second that this topic thread is a scare campaign but rather I feel that as we are all so health conscious on here it only makes sense to prepare for the worst but hope for the best with regards to this Fukushima disaster, and preparing for the worst eventuality simply means exploring all the avenues as to the best possible way to protect ourselves and our families. I also feel that the current information on radioactivity and health is fragmented at best and certainly not empowering to the individual.

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

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05 May 2011 01:58 #6747 by david
david replied the topic: Re: Fukushima Natural Hygienic Survival Plan

Hi Dr. Kruger,

I have been a little concerned about levels of radioactive iodide that may creep into the food supply here in the US. It has already been detected in milk on the west coast, but in tiny amounts.

Having two young children, I'm especially concerned about its accumulation in milk. With the continued breach and release of radioactivity into the atmosphere, we are now I feel in a low-grade continued exposure zone with rainfall happening now every 72 hours for long durations at a time. So I feel even if I were to buy local, I would be putting my kids at risk for radioactive toxicity. This troubles me deeply. I know on the whole the amount of radioactivity is not high, but the specificity for which radioactive iodide has for the thyroid is concerning so I don't feel it's fair for the authorities (gov't, ect.) to state that compared with other types of radiation, this is "miniscule", ect. The specificity for thyroid that this type of radiation has makes it different. Furthermore, the consumption of the product when tainted products are consumed (even water) makes its toxicity even greater.

I have a large 2 year old (34 pounds, 97% height) and a large 4 year old (42 pounds). I am wondering if I should supplement with any potassium iodide. I have some of the USP form available and was thinking about just giving 5 mg daily for a while to each of them. Otherwise, I could give them kelp supplements which contain about 0.8 mg KI each... but now the source of kelp is from the east and I don't even know if I can trust it... The prescribed amount for nuclear fallout is 60 mg for my four year old and 30 mg for my 2 year old. But obviously, we are not in fallout. I know too much iodide can be dangerous as well...

Radioactivity is not a thing of nature... and therefore, it's very unsettling.... THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION TO THIS... I know it's not really a fasting question, so to convert it into one, I'll ask whether fasting may help eliminate the poison or if simply time is the only way to get it out of the body.


Radiation is indeed a thing of Nature.. all granites, for example contain radio active Potassium. The heavens inundate us day and night with cosmic rays. Literally, millions of radio active rays (gamma rays) and even particles pass through our bodies every day. After a volcanic eruption, there's ven more radiation in our environment. It does cause mutations, yes, and many mutations are bad but once in a while these mutations are important parts of the evolution process.

Giving too much Iodine can indeed cause the thyroid gland to become under-active. The hypothalamus "reads" Iodine as thyroid hormone, causing it to reduce the release of thyroid releasing factor to the pituitary, so that the latter produces less TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone).

The bottom line, dear Caroline, is that I really believe we do not need to interfere unless there's been an accidental over-exposure. And yes, regular fasting will help get rid of any waste or poison in the body.. problem is, our elimination systems cannot discriminate radio-active from normal isotopes. Thus we just have to live with it.. like our ancestors for millennia.


Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

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