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What do you all think of this fasting & exercise plan?

02 Aug 2011 01:48 - 02 Aug 2011 01:50 #8742 by Solis Lucidus
Solis Lucidus created the topic: What do you all think of this fasting & exercise plan?
I've been thinking up this plan for a while now but haven't been able to carry it out longer than a week.

It basically involves 3 days of fasting and 1 day of eating and a cardio workout that would burn 300-800 calories each day. I was thinking that I would be water fasting but depending on how my current dry fast goes I might go with dry fasting. I'm just afraid that I'll get dehydrated from sweating and was wondering if maybe I could do one day of dry fasting followed by one day of water fasting followed by another day of dry fasting and then I'd eat the following day and may or may not exercise on my eating day.

I want to burn fat, not lose mostly water weight and I know that the fastest way to do that is by exercising along with cutting calories/fasting. I burn about 1700 calories a day according to a BMR calculator that I used and wanted to have a defecit of 2000-2500 calories a day. So, I'll be burning the minimum of 300 calories or if I feel up to it, burn my ideal of 800 calories a day. That would be a deficit of 7500 calories or roughly two pounds of fat after my fasting days. I'll try to limit my eat days to 1200~ calories and eat whole grain carbs... that would be about 8000 carbs/2.3 pounds every "cycle".

Or, if I end up being lazy and only burn 300 calories then I'll have 6600 calories/1.8 pounds every cycle. That's about 4 pounds a week. I've heard that anything above 2 pounds a week is dangerous, is that true?

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02 Aug 2011 08:18 #8748 by cory
cory replied the topic: Re: What do you all think of this fasting & exercise plan?
You might need a longer period to re-feed, so you can keep to it I recently been doing 7 day dry fast then 7 days re-feed what worked fine until I increased my exercises difficulty so was sweating more and had to stop my dry fast after just 3 days because my urine was getting darker. With water fasting at least you shouldn't get as dehydrated.

Maybe it would be better to say do half a week fasting then half the week eating as you did say your having difficulty carry it out for longer than a week, this also gives you time for your metabolic rate to normalize again.

On a side not I am trying something with a shorter window now what involves just drinking/maybe eating further into it in a single hour per day and dry fasting between only on 2nd day so no idea how long if I can maintain it ideally will be doing it for 30 days but might extend the re-feeding time for longer if I have to I will just be going of how my body feels during it.

I wouldn't worry too much about losing more than two pounds a week as long as you don't go too low in weight like having a bmi under 18.5, during my week rotations I was losing between 14 and 18 pounds per week then gaining half of it back during my re-feed and didn't experience any problems.

You will nearly always lose water weight along with fat while fasting that's why you gain weight back so easily during a re-feed, but if our careful you wouldn't gain the fat back as ell I like using a tape measure as well to see where I am gaining/losing the weight from.

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