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Weight and Dry Fasting

13 Mar 2012 20:15 #10453 by jwang21
jwang21 created the topic: Weight and Dry Fasting
Hey everyone! I'm currently on my second 36 hour dry fast this week. The first one, from Friday night to Sunday morning was a success. I ended up being around 118 pounds from probably around 122ish (I was too afraid to weigh myself before it). I then broke it with water and fresh apple-banana-kiwi juice that I made myself. I then ate dinner Sunday and some snacks, and I also ate yesterday (Monday)... pretty unhealthily though. Today I checked my weight in the morning and I was 121. I know if I eat today and weigh myself tomorrow, my weight would continue to go back up. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with losing weight dry fasting 36 hours once or twice a week. It seems like by the end of the week my weight always ends up going up again. Will the weight actually come off slowly? I'm not sure if I should go back to alternate day water fasting (24 hours) because I actually see myself losing about 1 pound every other week.

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13 Mar 2012 20:49 #10454 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Re: Weight and Dry Fasting
Hi Jwang21, welcome. It can be frustrating to see the weight go up after going through the 36 hour dry fast. I've gone through the same thing, fasting and regaining all the weight I lost. I personally have been doing a 36 hour and a 48 hour fast each week. That has really been helping me. It's very easy to over eat after a fast because you feel deprived. However, if your body becomes accustomed to the fact that you fast weekly and that you can eat after wards, I think the overeating becomes less problematic. Another important thing is to see if you get into ketosis while you are fasting. You can check this with urine test strips. On a dry fast, I usually get into ketosis at 24 hours, and on a water fast it takes 48 hours. However, if you get into ketosis and then fast again within 6-10 hours, it is the continuation of the previous fast and you should get into ketosis quicker. You don't actually begin "fasting" until 24 hours since your last meal, because your body is still digesting and consuming what you ate. I would find repeated 24 hour fasts harder than a couple longer fasts because that first day is usually the most difficult. I hope someone else chimes in with some advice for you as well.

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