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Dry Fast and Eliminations

31 Oct 2012 19:57 #13448 by soniyamystical
soniyamystical created the topic: Dry Fast and Eliminations
I currently did a 27 hour dry fast..which was a lot easier than water headaches or detox symptoms yet. I also had no bowel movements which is starting to make me feel uncomfortable. I had a craving for coffee so I had coffee and vegan hot dog after 27 hour, and then continued with the dry fast. After the coffee and eating I had a bowel movement. so far its 5 hours into my 2nd day of dry fasting. I was wondering about bowel long does it take or what do I do to get things 'moving'?

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31 Oct 2012 21:44 #13450 by david
david replied the topic: Dry Fast and Eliminations
Hello and welcome soniyamystical, bowel movements are unpredictable but rest assured the body knows what it is doing. Some people do not have a bowel movement for several days while fasting. Good luck with it. Also if you do tend to suffer from constipation it may be better to water fast rather than dry fast.

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