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New to dry fasting

15 Sep 2013 22:34 #18293 by Fasting
Fasting created the topic: New to dry fasting

3 years ago I got into water fasting to get rid of my psoriasis. I was 169cm and 53Kg (male) when I did my first water fast. I fasted for 9 days. I stopped when I was 47 kg. At that time I was a bit worried, but read allot later on that even the most skinny people can fast for a long period of time. Shelton is one of them.

Since then I have been on a plant based diet. For some reason my psoriasis is not going away. I have tried eating less, tried mixing up my plant based diet = more fruit, or less fruit, more vegetables, even tried supplements. nothing helped.

It seems that fasting is the only thing that can really cure me of my psoriasis (and many other ailments).

Because of my weight I want to try dry fasting instead. I have read that it is much more powerful than a water fast. I have read many discussions on this forum regarding water vs dry fast.

There are allot of myths when it comes to water fasting. I am the living prove that skinny people can water fast. And I am also reading allot of myths regarding dry fasting.

The thing is I want to do a 1 day dry fast, but would like to know everything before I am going to do it. I mean the basics. How to break the fast etc.

If anyone can help me out here it would be much appreciatied.

p.s very nice forum, I wish I knew about it 3 years ago.

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15 Sep 2013 23:11 #18294 by danielle
danielle replied the topic: New to dry fasting

It was nice to read your post. I'm pretty thin too, and I always wondered if it would be safe to fast. I prefer dry fasting. I think the doctor will tell you that whenever you ingest anything, even water, it stimulates the digestive tract and all those things inside get activated. I'm sure he'll address your issues!

I haven't done a long fast in a very long time. I would like to dry fast for a good length of time. Why do you just want to do it for one day? You probably would get more benefits going longer. Again, the doc can tell you more.

Glad you are here :) :) :)

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16 Sep 2013 02:25 #18296 by Ockeghem
Ockeghem replied the topic: New to dry fasting

Welcome aboard. Best wishes with your fasts! :)

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16 Sep 2013 16:07 #18308 by Fasting
Fasting replied the topic: New to dry fasting
thanks for your warm welcome.

My goal is to do a long dry fast, but I have read allot of discussion regarding dry fast vs water fast that dry fasts would not be safe. I have done stupid things with my body which made my symptoms worse. I have learned allot from this experience. I might have been stubborn at that time. This time around I want all the advice before I do anything. I thought a 1 day dry fast would be ideal to experience it. I am well determined, If someone would tell me to do a 10 day dry fast and it will cure you I would do it. It's like my diet: only fruits and vegetables, this helps me keeping my symptoms in balance, but it doesn't cure me. Water fasting does help and if I could go for 21 days I would do it, but I work (yes I know health is much more important, but I don't have that luxury). I was thinking, doing 1 or 2 day dry fast a week (with the thought that it is much more powerful than water fasting) + my diet might get rid of all my symptoms.

How do you break the fast? I read somewhere that every dry fast should be broken with water for the first 2 hours. Do you know anything about that?

thank you too for your warm welcome.

p.s English is not my native language. excuse my grammar.

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16 Sep 2013 18:06 #18311 by danielle
danielle replied the topic: New to dry fasting
Dear Fasting,

I don't know how to break a fast. each time I've fasted, I've broken it terribly. I'm sure someone can guide you on this.

As far as the water vs dry, I just know that I have abused my body too, and I've built up a lot of mucus and things, that materialize when I eat. Even if I drink water sometimes, the mucus appears. Having a diet of fruits and veggies, they say, is optimal. It's my understanding that fruits have a lot of sugar. Don't quite know why that is healthy.

I believe we set up our lifestyles to reflect what is important to us. You say you work and don't have the "luxury" of taking time off or whatever to focus on this. That is your choice. I have had to cut many things out of my life. They just don't serve me and I'd rather focus on certain things over others. Just a perspective...

Good luck !

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17 Sep 2013 07:39 #18317 by Shant
Shant replied the topic: New to dry fasting
Hello Fasting and good luck with healing. You may want to read the blog of Milena who was dry fasting for nearly 11 days if i remember correctly during her 40 day fast.

You will find it here:

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