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Question about narrow pulse pressure and urine output on a dry fast

16 Mar 2014 15:27 #20946 by PooMog
PooMog created the topic: Question about narrow pulse pressure and urine output on a dry fast
Hi - I have been doing short (up to 5 days, usually around 3) dry fasts for almost 3 years. I often feel I have to stop prematurely - when I am feeling good and seem to be fairly hydrated - because I get a reading on my BP monitor showing a small difference between systolic and the lower number. I have read that when the difference is less than 25 mmHg, or less than 25% of the systolic number, you should be very alarmed about your heart! What do you think? When I get readings like 95 over 73, I feel I have to stop and I also feel anxious until I have succeeded post-fast in getting a margin of at least 25% again. Does anyone else who dry fasts ever get narrow pulse pressure readings during the fast? If so, do you fast through it and does it resolve?

Also, although when not dry fasting I can urinate up to a half gallon or near a gallon a day (without taking in NEAR that amount of fluid), during the 2nd or 3rd day of a dry fast and onward, I urinate very little in the way of amount, no more than 3-12 oz. I don't go for more than 8 hours at most without urinating on a dry fast - in fact, as it gets more concentrated by Day 3 and onward, I urinate frequently, but it is in small amounts, too small, I sometimes think, to be safe. Do you sometimes count the oz of urine you excrete during a dry fast, and does it concern you? Do you think there is a minimum amount one must excrete to consider that he/she is dry fasting safely? Thanks!

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21 Jun 2014 11:55 #22303 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Question about narrow pulse pressure and urine output on a dry fast
Please, dear Poo, don't treat an instrument like a blood pressure meter. Rathere experience yourself. And please don't believe too much of what you read. Only when there are other signs and symptoms would be be concerned about the pulse pressure.

If you have very elastic blood vessels, they can absorb the pressure of systole (the heart contracting)... and then your pulse pressure will be lower. If your blood vessels are calcified, they cannot disperse the pressure as well and your pulse pressure will be higher.

It sounds as if you get the feelings after you measured the pressure. That may be a self fulfilling prophecy. I'd be extremely happy if my BP was 95/73.. it's not good... it absolutely excellent!

The pulse pressure goes narrower during a fast because blood does not get diverted to the gut, causing the pressure to be maintained longer.

You may produce zero urine during a dry fast and that could still be perfectly normal. The kidneys often go on holiday in this time.. I have explained on these forums many times before how the kidneys only deal with toxins from the anabolic functioning of the body and that when you are catabolic most toxins find other ways of getting out of your body.. they are mainly hydrophobic after all!

I still don't promote dry fasting; pure water does not interfere with the process and it does safeguard you. But the concerns you raised, well, I would not be concerned about those in general, but would prefer to examine and if such examination indicates the necessity, run a few tests if you were under my care.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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