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Interesting experience with acute lumbar-disk problems and dry-fasting

15 Jun 2014 19:49 - 15 Jun 2014 20:24 #22138 by Gabriella
Gabriella created the topic: Interesting experience with acute lumbar-disk problems and dry-fasting
Hello to all,
I would like to share my experiences with two remarkable recovering s from strong intervertebral disk episodes with the help of dry-fasting.

When I had my first disk-protrusion trauma I was just ca 25 years old. Because of my 2. grad scolioses I seem easily to get in such problems. At that time I was following the local doctors advice, which manly was easing, immobilization and some stretching. For more then half a year I had strong back-pain and was more or less bound to the bed, not able to work or follow normal daily routine. After about 7 month the pain subsided eventually.

Next time it happened so strongly I was looking for alternative solutions on the Internet and was intrigued by a very short article about fixing herniated disks with drastically dry-fasting. The idea in that article was, that because the disk consists mainly of water, they would shrink back in place during dry-fasting because of the rapid dehydration. And when starting to hydrate again, the refilling of the disk would work like you own internal chiropractic bringing all the backbones back in natural places.

Despite extensive search I could not find any further informations and instructions about this specific practice on the net at this time and surprisingly even not now, as dry-fasting is much more publicly known .
But when I did not get better after some weeks, in my desperation I decided to do my own experiment. I did have some experiences with water-fasting, but this was my first dry-fast. And it was was quite hard for me, with thirst, weaknesses and detoxing problems. Also to my disappointment my back-pain did not get any better during the fasting.
I took it as long I could and after about three and half days I broke the fast and started hydrating by lying down flat with the legs feet propped on a chair in a 90-degree (for maximal spinal relief) for about 5 hours. In this position I was drinking slowly many liters of water and later juices.
When I finally got up I was dancing.The pain was completely gone and I was back to full mobility!

After years of only minor episodes, two weeks ago it happened again with a unlucky twisted lifting move. This was the worst ever, I could not move at all without heavy pain medication, and still the pain was almost unbearable. They brought me to an Osteopath in town. But after extensively testing me, she said that it was so severe, that she was afraid to treat me directly. She did some indirect things with me though and I got some relief at least.
But still I was completely incapacitated by the blocks and the pain.
So one day later I started dry-fasting again. This time for exact three days and it went quite different then first time. After a first little difficult day the fasting was amazing. I was full of energy and impressed by an overall feeling of lightness and wellbeing. Surprisingly the pain got rapidly better in 3 or 4 very noticeable boosts.

After three days I broke the fasting in exactly the same regime like first time. But this time the pain did not completely subside. Instead it somehow moved to the side and leg and while feeling mobile in the back again I had clear sciatica pain now .
But after all I had been trough this was like nothing for me. I was mobile and again the sciatica-pain got less every day.
Now, one week later, I am completely pain-free.

Of course there is no real proof, that the recovery s happened because of the dry fasting. Also there was numerous other things I did which probably have helped the whole process more or less:
I got reiki and shiatsu from my sisters and I did acupressure, Dorn-exercise, sun yoga, used comfrey and others. And also as early I could despite the pain: walking walking walking .

Anyways, it would be very interesting to hear if others have had any similar experiences or some reliable informations or researches on this so it may be of help to others too.

Finally: This is just my individual experience for infomation, not to encourage anyone to try anything like this on he s own. Spinal disk disorders should be treated by a doctor.

best greetings
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16 Jun 2014 07:59 #22152 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Interesting experience with acute lumbar-disk problems and dry-fasting
Thanks Gabriella for sharing this. You do mention one of the problems in medical research: Many conditions do clear up spontaneously and then we don't know whether it is because of, or in spite of our interventions. But the rationale of dry fasting with a prolapsed disc does make some sense in that dehydrating the disc could help it shrink back.

Problem is, sometimes the disc is ruptured so it cannot shrink back, for mechanical reasons. Thus sometimes one does need orthodox intervention also. When one tries to have a holistic approach one should consider all angles.. But most definitely I will consider your experience whenever again I encounter newly slipped discs..


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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