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Dry Fasting Myths

07 Oct 2014 08:57 #23617 by Autumn
Autumn created the topic: Dry Fasting Myths
Hi, I have successfully completed 2 21 day water fasts and 1 10 day water fast in the past. I have done 1 3 day dry fast last year and one recently.

I want to go on a longer dry fast and feel I am prepared for this. I downloaded a translated version of Dr. Filonov's book and have been reading it. I'm fully aware that people have successfully dry fasted longer than three days but when I'm feeling thirsty on day 3, I get afraid because until I started fasting, I believed you pass away after three days without water. I've read the myths in his book and read people's dry fast diaries that have extended past day 3, I just can't past the fear that people cannot survive past day 3 without water.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for to help with this. Some reassurance or someone who had a similar concern but passed the three day mark on a dry fast!

Thank you!

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08 Oct 2014 00:26 #23629 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Dry Fasting Myths
I've done a 5 day dry fast, although I brushed my teeth and showered. I worked at the same time. This was a couple years ago but I felt a strong need to get past that fear. No you will not die after three days without water. The Fast Doctor says that when dry fasting, your body takes oxygen from the air and hydrogen from your fat cells to make water. But he says to listen to your body. Why do you want to dry fast? I like to dry fast the first day or two and then switch to water fasting. I've done a 16 day water fast (without knowing about this website or ever hearing of the concept of dry fasting) and I've done 4 10 day fasts and several 5 day fasts. Good luck! You are doing the right thing learning all you can.

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11 Oct 2014 03:13 #23676 by Autumn
Autumn replied the topic: Dry Fasting Myths
Thanks for replying! I'm coming up on the end of my third day now and I am getting nervous again! I seem to always begin the same way of getting thirsty and irritable and then start getting a little anxious on the second night.

I'm worried today because my lips have been excessively chapped and I feel deeply thirsty still and I've read from others that their urine becomes clear at a certain point and mine continues to be dark.

I took a shower the second night and went swimming but did not swallow any water. I also started to break out along my jaw line which never occurs when I water fast!

It's difficult to know what is and isn't normal! Though I have read a people's personal dry fast posts, everyone seems to be different. Except the urine becoming clear which makes me rather nervous.

Does thirst go away for some people or do they just work through it with self discipline?

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12 Oct 2014 22:22 #23698 by Beebop
Beebop replied the topic: Dry Fasting Myths
Sounds like to me that when you break out it's just your body detoxing.. I have no idea why your urine wouldn't be clear. I thought it should be dark.

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