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01 Sep 2011 05:16 #9084 by Esmée La Fleur
Esmée La Fleur created the topic: INTRO TO DRY FASTING
This is an introduction to dry fasting that I just wrote for my blog:

Please let me know how it can be improved.

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01 Sep 2011 08:02 #9087 by Christian144
Christian144 replied the topic: Re: INTRO TO DRY FASTING
Just finished reading what you wrote: Your article, for me was really detailed, and very well laid out. Kept copying and pasting useful information from your blog, on my pc to read and review later. In reading your blog I learned alot.

Besides personal and beneficial fasting information, as a Christian, I found what you said in the Bible to be very cool. I did not know Jesus dry fasted, did not know, in the Old Testament they did that either, Bible wise, found that interesting as well.

Not much out there on this subject, on the internet.
It's so good, that you are burning a candle in the darkness..

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