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Dry fast jaudice

29 Oct 2011 02:13 #9333 by DG
DG created the topic: Dry fast jaudice

Would love to have some feedback on this issue (mid aged male). I have completed numerous 24- 36 hour dry fasts for the the past 3 months (every 4 to 5 days). But have transitioned into the cascade fasting and have worked my way up t 3.5 days (just finished). Have only done 3 of these cascading fasts as of now. I have a chronic condition that nobody can help me but it is thought to be endocrine in nature. Low energy, no hair growth for last 7 years (strange!) etc. I normally do have a little yellowness in the sclera of my eyes but i have noticed after the 2-3 day dry fasts that i have done, my eyes are a lot more yellow than normal (more jaundice)...does this mean something? My energy is getting better with dry fasting but my hair loss seems to be getting worse? Thanks for the help.

By the way i am so amazed by the people on the site that have done 5-10 day dry fasts it is so tough the last bits of these fasts..dont know if i can make to 5 but we will see. great job

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31 Oct 2011 07:51 #9338 by Esmée La Fleur
Esmée La Fleur replied the topic: Re: Dry fast jaudice
I have found that dry fasting gets easier the more you do it. The last 1/2 day of my first 3.5 day dry fast was just as difficult as the last 1/2 day of my 10 day dry fast. I just completed another 3.5 day dry fast and was never hungry or thirsty the entire time. I could easily have gone longer, but my weight is low and felt I had accomplished what I needed to with it. I am also doing the dry fasting for health problems; namely, chronic inflammation in my gastrointestinal tract. I did several long dry fasts to see if that would help but, for me, I feel the key is to do short intermittent dry fasts on a weekly basis. Dr. André Kruger (known as The Fast Doctor on this site) recommends fasting 1-3 days per week for life. He has been doing it for 25 years. After having done several long water and dry fasts without much permanent change in my digestive problems, I have come to agree with his opinion. Regular short fasts have a profound anti-inflammatory effect which will last for several days. I spoke with one gentleman who had severe IBS who experienced great improvement from fasting every Monday-Wednesday-Friday for 4 months (no diet change). In the Alternate Day Diet, Dr. James Johnson says he has gotten many of his asthmatic patients off of their medications by placing them on an every-other-day eating plan. I am not a doctor and, consequently, I have no idea what is happening with your liver/jaundice symptom while dry fasting. Are there any blood test markers you can take to determine if your condition is improving from the dry fasts? Have you read Dr. Filonov's book? You will find a link for it in my article Intro to Dry Fasting . You do not need to read the first 149 pages. Start on page 150.

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31 Oct 2011 22:06 #9340 by DG
DG replied the topic: Re: Dry fast jaudice
Esemee, thank you for your reply. I value your opinion after reading all your posts. It is distressing for me to see that you havenot found your cure from fasting. I can not match your experience or your will power to endure the dry fast and to think you are not fully getting better....oh man i really though i had found the answer, here we go again i guess....i also wish you could get fully recovered given your effort.

Regarding my fasting i have been fasting for 36 hours each week but only managed 3.5 days for a longterm fast...... now i was wondering ....i am going to try to get to 5 days since Dr F has suggested that unless you get to 5 days dry fast you will not get the full benefits .....any thought about this? What you say about the shorter fast makes sense, i will likely do 3 day fasts for my long term fasting given what the bible says about it, so many references to 3 days and 3 night of fasting...there must be some truth to that.

thank you so much for your input Esemee


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31 Oct 2011 23:10 - 31 Oct 2011 23:11 #9341 by Esmée La Fleur
Esmée La Fleur replied the topic: Re: Dry fast jaudice
Dear DG

Everyone's situation is different and, although several long fasts have failed to "cure" me, this does not mean that they have not been valuable nor does it mean that such fasting will not help to heal your particular problem. I have a very long history of digestive problems that began with a very severe parasite infection that went undiagnosed for 18 years. I believe that there may be actual damage to the tissue of my GI tract. nevertheless, i do find the fasting to be quite helpful and will continue to do it for this reason. i also know that some times, with very long standing health problems, many long fasts may be required to bring about healing.

Dr. Jack Goldstein had to do 6 long water fasts of 4-6 weeks each (1 every year for 6 years) before he felt he was completely healed from his ulcerative colitis. See his book Triumph Over Disease. Unfortunately, the damage to his GI tract from the disease and all the drugs he took was such that he still ended up developing and dying from colon cancer about 30 years later. But he had been on death's door at the age of 35, so you cannot say fasting did not help him. I believe that fasting is one modality, but there are other natural therapies that may be beneficial as well. I personally believe that Dr. Goldstein may not have developed colon cancer if he had utilized wheatgrass juice both orally and rectally in addition to his good diet and regular fasting program.

So, do not be discouraged. You really cannot go wrong by instituting a program of regular intermittent short dry fasts, as this will support anything else that you decide to try to help your condition. There is definitely a strong precedent in the Old Testament for dry fasts of 3 days, and I believe they are perfectly safe as long as you do not try to dig up your garden on a hot day while undertaking a fast of this nature, lol! But, never go for longer than what feels absolutely comfortable to you. Let your body guide you. I found the 5 & 8 day fast I did to be much easier than the 3.5 day fast I did before them. I think that simply adding 6-12 hours onto what you have already completed is a good way to proceed, adding small increments at a time and not forcing anything.

Dr. Filonov says that in order to effect a complete healing one must pass through 2 different acidotic crises. The first occurs sometime between 3-5 days and the second occurs sometime between 9-11 days. I believe that my 5 & 8 day fast were easier than my 3.5 day fast because I had already made it through my first acidotic crises with the 3.5 day fast. I did not feel that kind of intensity again until I hit 9.5 days on my 10 day fast. The last half day felt almost impossible to complete. However, I am not sure if I made it through the second acidotic crisis or not, since I did not make it through day 11. I am sure I will try for another long one at some point when the circumstances of my life are a bit less stressful and demanding than they are at present. Please feel free to ask me any questions, I am always happy to share my experiences and unprofessional opinion with you.

Love & Blessings


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