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Giving promotes happiness and youthfulness

02 Nov 2012 00:11 #13469 by Breadandwine
Breadandwine created the topic: Giving promotes happiness and youthfulness
Hi David

About the attainment of happiness. In my later years I've come to the conclusion that an important component of complete happiness involves giving.

But not the giving of material things; in my opinion, if you can, you have to give of yourself - your time. I've spent the last over ten years, volunteering one hour a week - and just this week I've embarked on a project which will engage me one day a week for 6 months: I've committed to teaching breadmaking to the families of marines during their deployment to Afghanistan. (My son has just similarly deployed and I feel a certain affinity with those left behind.)

I want no praise for this, I shall thoroughly enjoy spending my time this way - and there is much research that says altruists live longer than the average! :whistle: ;)

If anyone is interested, I write about this on my blog:

It goes without saying that a healthy mind in a healthy body is also important - which is where forums like this come in.

Finally, a wise person once said, "Money can bring happiness - as long as you give it away!"

Best wishes, Paul

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02 Nov 2012 00:44 #13471 by david
david replied the topic: Re: Stopping carb cravings
Hello Paul, Can you please tell me what triggered this post as I need to relocate it to the right thread. I have to agree with you Paul and like you I am convinced that a very big component of health is giving selflessly and without expecting anything in return including praise. Even before I started this site I used to hold fasting meetings in my office in London and I recall discussing the importance of giving with my close fasting friends. However as I had not assimilated the theory that much if at all I also found it difficult to explain why anyone interested in achieving optimal health should also include the art of giving along side fasting and other health promoting practices. And now I am more convinced than ever. Thank you for this surprise post and I bet you make tasty bread. I will pm you a bread making formula I received from a very wise young 80 yo recently.

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

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02 Nov 2012 01:15 #13472 by Breadandwine
Breadandwine replied the topic: Re: Stopping carb cravings
Hi David

I was quite surprised to find I'd posted that 'Happiness' post on the wrong thread - don't know how that happened.

I thought I was answering a comment of yours about happiness - but I've been through all the threads I thought I'd visited prior to that, and I've been unable to find it.

I'm sure it was in response to something you said. Hope you can find it and move my post over - it does look rather odd sitting where it does! :laugh:

I look forward to your PM - you've got me intrigued! Thanks.


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