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eating hot peppers soon after a fast???

21 Nov 2012 03:57 #13809 by whimsofthewinds
whimsofthewinds created the topic: eating hot peppers soon after a fast???
I have been off a long fast for about a week or so now and I broke my fast very wrong as I was drinking vegetable broth so I switched to fruits for a few days and feel much better. I have always loved spicy and hot foods especially hot peppers, jalapenos, habeneros, I'm a hot pepper connoisseur I guess you could say. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any problems that could arise from eating hot peppers so soon after a long fast. Could they actually do some kind of damage or would I be ok as they are plants and should be fairly easy to digest compared to meat or dairy? I don't eat peppers for some kind of metabolism raising effect as they claim there is, I actually crave them, very strong cravings.
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21 Nov 2012 09:05 #13814 by david
david replied the topic: eating hot peppers soon after a fast???
Depending on the fast duration your gut lining (mucosa) thins out so there is less protection there for the hot stuff. And this lining does act as a buffer for this type of food. Secondly during a fast the gut flora is altered and reduced in quantity leaving less of the microscopic critters to pre digest the food for us. This too could potentially imo cause dome difficulties. Instinct is often a good yardstick when it comes to gauging what you can eat after a fast and in this instance the organ of instinct would be the tongue and sense of smell. So if it smells good that is one tick and if it tastes good that is another tick. It doesn't work 100% of the time though as many of us have corrupted insticts for food from years of abuse. But fasting is imv the fastest way to reset the instinct.
When a broke a three day dry fast on oranges they tasted and smelled so good that I over ate them and had about 6 instead of what felt comfortable which was 4. My taste buds were telling me the sublime taste has peaked but out of I guess habit I had an extra two which left me feeling not so satisfied.

Great question btw and glad that you have found what works for you with the fruit.

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