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supplements for Candida

07 Dec 2014 12:39 - 07 Dec 2014 12:41 #24250 by loquat1
loquat1 created the topic: supplements for Candida
Hi FiMel.

Sorry to hear about your problems with what you believe to be related to candida overgrowth. As David said above, we don't all have the same views on the causes and treatments of health issues. I've often crossed swords with the good doc. in precisely this area, and I hope he agrees that we still manage to part company on good terms and simply agree to differ, though I may have sailed close to the wind a couple of times at least.

For that reason, I think I may be a little more sympathetic to your plight, and I certainly don't rule out the possibility that the problems you describe may well be candida-related. For that reason, and without having done the usual background research, I offer this link to you as a possible source of help for your condition, but I do so with an important caveat that you must not ignore, namely, the author is selling a product that purports to cure the problem. That doesn't necessarily invalidate the promotion, but it does mean you should exercise extreme caution. I'm not vouching for the efficacy of the product. That is something you will need to satisfy yourself about after carrying out due diligence. I suggest the best way of doing that is to simply cross-reference the product in a search engine and look for independent reviews/testimonials etc.

So here is that link, and good luck in your search for a cure. And by all means let us know if it helped:

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07 Dec 2014 16:24 #24252 by loquat1
loquat1 replied the topic: Systemic Candida
@FiMel - Having conducted a little more research, you might like to try olive leaf extract as a cheaper/more accessible alternative to CCWS:

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07 Dec 2014 17:47 #24254 by david
david replied the topic: Systemic Candida
@ loquat these two posts were moved from the Doctor's forum as I felt they deserved their own category.

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